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ixigoers Nov 19 2013

Which are the best wedding destinations in the world?

Benazir Khan Nov 19 2013
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So it’s that time of the year where the “I dos” come flooding in, together with the glitz and glamour that comes along with it (however modest or extravagant an affair) in all forms of flowery customs. A run through some of these magical destinations across the globe, where you could tie the knot, will only add to the thrill of this escalation from “together now” to “forever and for always.” And yes, this is truly it!

Some interesting wedding destinations for 2013-2014 are listed here under:


Among some very interesting wedding destinations, in the world, is Udaipur. Perfect for the ideal locale of magnificence and grandeur that you could be seeking, bearing a royal air of resplendence all along, Udaipur never fails to catch the fancy of a spectator with its life in its lights. Reflection of the lights on the lake waters that beautifully streamline and lead you to the view of the palace lit up in all its glory and gently cascade over the skyline delicately, is the most befitting celebration for the couple who have made the call, hand in hand.

Udaipur by night (by S Ballal, Ahmedabad)

Where: The City Palace and the Jag Mandir Palace are equally splendid options by night and the palace lit up is a unique experience you'd have never known before.


Scottish elegance and an understated sense of charm is what you need for a romance which is intoxicating but filled with jitters. Ease them in this mesmerising country where the countryside will calm your senses and the castles surrounding you, will constantly be a reminder of your very own fairytale. Scotland is a luxurious escapade, a wonderful one at that, where while exchanging your vows, you will constantly be reminded of the expanse and the void that you fill in each other’s lives with meaning and emotion.

A very fairyland like Scotland (by dave conner)

Where: The Aldourie Castle Estate and Balbirnie House are beautiful by the day surrounded with a lush green cover, where you can live your wedding almost painting like.


“Exotic” springs to mind immediately, but once here, to be or not to be fades away to oblivion. Bali is a refreshingly calm and soothing destination for those who want to be wedded into the bond of husband and wife, sooner than later and want to do away with any palpitation to do with wedding planning, since the view all around is simply gorgeous. One would look good anyway, so would their groom, and the venue at large. Friends who have known you two for years and family will woo at how fun and no-frills and no drama the wedding is, without losing touch of the important events of the day.

Bali by the day (by Jos Dielis)

Where: Breeze through the “I dos” and easen up at the thought of the lovely sunset in the backdrop. Choose between - Jimbaran Legal White Sandy Beach and Sail Sensations.


A Bedouin style palace in the middle of the desert simply makes the cut for those in search of meaning which goes beyond the conventional. The Dubai Desert with its long and expansive pathways carved out of sheer dunes which are a few feet tall and spread out at lengths on end are simply the ‘it’ spot for anyone who wants to enjoy a sense of adventure with “the one,” while they bind themselves together in a sacrosanct bond shrouded in an aura of the mystic, yet a clarity of a future together which is only as rare as the bond you share.

The mesmerising Dubai Desert (by jonrawlinson)

Where: Camels, bellydancers, Arab folklore complete the picture at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa. For the ones who believe in the singularity of the bond they share.


Embrace a different culture that is nothing akin to what you have expected out of a traditional wedding. If stepping out of the box and doing what no one expected out of you is your idea of defining your marriage and the very periphery of your bond together, then Bhutan is the place to get married in. An idyllic natural setting in the midst of a green forest cover and local traditions that will make the whole experience a lot more surreal than you had imagined are the ingredients that will make your marriage a union of you and your beloved - a truly wholesome one.

Bhutan's scenic glory (by Thomas Wanhoff)

Where: Public Museum in Thimphu, Bhutan, escorted with rhythmic chants, that have a deep spiritual impact on one’s being; this one’s for those who love being soul stirred.


The solidity of its diction, Istanbul, spills into its enunciation as a benediction. Blessed are those who can feel the pulse of the sensual spirit of this city, together with its typical sights, smells and colours, all of which are a mesh of the dim with a spark of the bold, like mist filled eyes with the bold conviction of loving and letting go. Such is the place that a wedding of deep love and true heartfelt reverence is made of, where the “I accept” clauses go beyond a rendition of time honoured traditions. If yours is a story that deep, unconditional love is made of, then this is where the idea is crystallised into a gem of priceless value right here in Istanbul.

Mystic and myriad, Istanbul - by Christiaan Biggs

Where: ‘How deep is your love?’ Find out outside the Blue Mosque in the Sari Konak Hotel, which has interiors with motifs inspired from Islamic Art forms.


An architectural marvel, Venice is the spot for those, who believe in the construct of a new life one step at a time, afloat in the happiness that they share together that holds time still. Venice is a paradise for those who dream and continue to do so, where the waves of dreams set people so free that getting married on a solid piece of gravity on earth is passe and the best way to live them vows is to transcend with the slow, soft drift and the murmur of the waters, on board the ‘gondola,’ in Venice, together with the symphony of notes from the piano and the violins, that makes the holy matrimony yet another sombre lullaby to dream on with.

Venice through the eyes of a gondola (by llee_wu)

Where: Through the Grand Canal, with Gondola Adventures Inc., where the you should be ready to uncork the champagne on flutes and kiss.


10 times Manhattan, Tokyo is truly a drift of its own, where one can easily and merrily get cascaded to a string of emotions, all playing in a loop just like the typical skyline of Tokyo by night. If you are an urbanista and don’t shy away from too much glamour, then bring on the bling bling and sparkle the night away. An Indian glitterati fair of clothing or Kimono parfait, with just the bright colours to match with the sparkly affair, Tokyo is your winner option if marriage is a game of the hip for you, where the lights gets brighter with each passing second, the smiles broader and the night blurs into the day.

Tokyo's scintillating skyline (by Masato Ohta from Tokyo, Japan)

Where: Conrad Hotels and Resorts. This Hilton baby set in the heart of Tokyo is famed for its panorama and stunning skyline views - a dream fit for your star studded affair (love etc).


Glaciers, frost, gut wrenching, knuckle solidifying, teeth chattering movements are part of this sordid deal of romance, where everything is about taking on new challenges and surviving it together. The fun is in the survival despite all odds, especially when you can just as easily know that both of you are just as perfectly crazy for each other or about each other. This run-of-the-mill (and literally so!) wedding in Iceland, is for those who believe in running to the end of the world to mark new beginnings to an old story with new chapters to follow.

The beauty of the frost in Iceland (by Kenny Muir)

Where: Glaciers in Iceland are a good solitary option for this funky wedding chapter. The Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland is sure to give you a nerve wrenching chapter, where the only warmth will be hand-in-hand and in a warm embrace.

Koh Samui

The airport is so beautiful that one will be floored merely on arrival. Futuristic thoughts of the life you will have together will keep striking you as you move into the beach and settle on the clear white sand here. When in Koh Samui, allow yourself to get carried away with whatever the fantasia of your thoughts want to replicate and let your wedding be a mere tip of the iceberg of spoiling each other with the utter comfort of knowing and that you have each other, no matter what and come what may, with dew filled eyes and water lilies that leave their sweet smell on the trails you take off on thereafter.

The beach at Koh Samui (by ToGa Wanderings)

Where: Anantara Koh Samui Resort and Spa and Akaryn Resort and Spa are wonderful options with the sea and surf at such close vicinity that “carried away,” will merely be a state of mind.

Whether the rest is planned or not, these interesting wedding destinations for 2013-2014 are sure to make your wedding a memorable experience in the years to come.

Well, this really is it, isn’t it. And believe it, because it is happening. While the moment still lasts, just breathe and stay still to calm the fretters to realise you’ve waited for this all your life, and here it is. Open your eyes.

Wedding Blessings!
Ernesto Cohnen Aug 02 2015
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