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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the most popular festivals in Coorg?

Shikha Gautam DEC 10 2012
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You want to enjoy the true spirit of Coorg, then come and be a part of its many many festivals. The festivals are not only traditional, lets you connect to the roots of Indian culture and values but are fun to be a part of too. Festivals in Coorg revolve around the harvest of rice and hence take us to history of these festivals that are as enriching in themselves as anything else in Coorg. Some of the most amazing festivals are:

  • Kailpodhu

    This beautiful festival is celebrated when the transplantation of the rice crop is done. The festival is the day which tells the farmers to guard the crop from wild animals. All the weapons used in the farm practices are taken out of the pooja room, cleaned and are decorated with flowers. The eldest member of the family gives a gun to a senior member with which he shoots at a coconut hung on a branch to mark the commencement of the celebrations.

    Traditional sports such as grabbing a coconut from the hands of a group of 8–10 people (
    thenge porata), throwing a stone the size of a cricket ball at a coconut from a distance of 10–15 paces (tenge eed), lifting a stone ball of 30–40 cm lying at one's feet and throwing it backwards over the shoulders, are now conducted in community groups called Gowda Samajas and Kodava Samajas in towns and cities. Even though tourists cannot take part in the celebrations, they are fun to watch nonetheless.


  • Kaveri Sankramana

    This is another festival that has its connections to nature. This festival usually takes place in the middle of the month of October. It is associated with the river Kaveri that flows through the district from its source at Talakaveri. At a particular time when the sun enters the Tula Rasi (Tula sankramana), a fountain from a small tank fills the larger holy tank at Talakaveri.

    People dip in the water believing that it will purify them. Bottles are filled with the water and distributed among every house in the district. Married women pray to the Goddess Kaveri in a very traditional set up. The special food of the ocassion is dosa and a vegetable curry that is made from the same water from the tank. This is the only festival where only vegetarian food is served among the family members as a traditional practice.


  • Puttari

    Another festival that has its roots to the rice harvest. The festival is garnished with many traditional practices that includes handing over the sickle to the head of the family, puja by the women of the family in the paddy fields, ceremonious harvesting of the first stack of rice and then the rounds of traditional dances by the younger members of the family. The festival is held in late November or early December. The houses during the festival are decorated with flowers and green mango and banana leaves.

    The menu of the day usually is
    tambuttu, puttari, kari and poli poli. The money that the young members of the family get as blessings is pooled in for a grand community dinner. The dinner usually consists of meat dishes, such as pork and fish curry. Alcoholic beverages are also served at such feasts.


These are the festivals which are not open to tourists’ participation on the whole but you gel with the locals enough, you might get a chance to be a part of the extravagance.


Now, isn’t exploring Coorg on the top of your next vacation’s things to do list??

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