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Kanika Nevatia Mar 21 2014

Which are the places to visit around Vrindavan?

Anupriya Bedi Mar 21 2014
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Check out the Places to visit around Vrindavan. Vrindavan, the place of young Krishna. The place where he spent his most ras drenched years, loving and being loved by Radha and the gopis, playing the inexorably magnetic tunes of his flute. It is one of the important pilgrimage spots in India.

Mathura (10 km from Vrindavan)

The birthplace of Krishna, Mathura is definitely the place to visit around Vrindavan. Born to Devaki and Vasudeva, this is the place where Krishna was born in a prison; that prison today lies in Sri Krishna Janmabhumi in a form of a vast temple complex in the heart of Mathura. The complex contains many smaller temples and shops. The devotee needs a lot of devotion to wade through this maze of commerce to reach the pristine Janmasthan (the place of Krishna’s birth), a mid-sized room, with pictures of Krishna behind an iron barricade. At the other side of the room are some women chanting bhajans, adding to the atmosphere of devotion. It takes 3 hours by a New Delhi to Mathura taxi before you reach the holy city.

Photo of Krishna Temple, Mathura (by Poco a Poco)

Brijwasi Mithaiwala, Mathura

Step out of the temple, go about 50 yards to the left and across the road into Brijwasi Mithaiwala, a shop with amazing pedhas. Eat some and take some more to take it back with you in the form of Prasad for other people.

Photo of Pedha at Brijwasi Mithaiwala (by Babu Singh Thakur)

Vishram Ghat, Mathura

Vishram Ghat
, the place where Krishna rested after killing Kansa. Sit around it, walk in if the gates are open and enjoy the pedhas as you feel the peace that Krishna too must have felt after proclaiming the victory of good over bad!

Photo of Vishram Ghat (by Gaurang Apda)

Government Museum, Mathura

You can visit the Government Museum here, with its world-famous collection of Mathura-style sculptures dating back to the period when Mathura was a stronghold of Buddhist and Jain cultures.

Photo of Government Museum, Mathura (Biswarup Ganguly)

Entry fees:
Indians- INR 5, Foreigners-INR 25
Timings- 10 am-4.30 pm

Gokul (10 Kms from Mathura)

is where Krishna grew up so go and offer your prayers at the Prachin Mandir Shri Nand Bhawan. You’ll see three adjoining rooms — the Gokul Agaman, the Ukhal Bandhan and the Putna Moksha. As you step out, you come to Brahmand Ghat, a room where Yashoda saw the universe in Krishna’s mouth. Here, in the spirit of the place, the pandit gives you a prasad of mud to eat. Further down, you come to the Makhan Chor Ashta Sakha Leela, the place where Krishna was caught stealing butter. As you get out of this area, there is one last temple to visit — Balarama’s.

Photo of Brahmand Ghat (by Braj Discovery)

Govardhan (30 kms from Vrindavan)

, the mountain that Krishna lifted has been replaced by a mountain of settlement; small houses have sprouted where trees should have been. Temple addicts can visit the Thakur Shri Giriraj Ji Maharaj Mukharvind, but Kusum Sarovar, a vast tank, is the place to go for repose. You can see families squeezed in cycle rickshaws as they do this 22-km perimeter stretch of Govardhan as parikrama — try it, it’s fun.

These are some of the Places to visit around Vrindavan if you are a true devotee of Lord Krishna and want to visit all the places in person about which you have grown up listening from your elders. You can also check out various Places to see in Vrindavan.

Nishi Singh Nov 14 2014
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bake bihari mandir,iskon temple,prem mandir can visit mathura also just 15 min away from vrindavan..
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