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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the popular festivals and events hosted in Alwar?

Rb Trivedi DEC 10 2012
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Dazzling colours, tumbling quarter tone, and hypnotic rhythms beckoning from every corner, mingled with intoxicating aromas-watch the sweeping landscape of Alwar come alive with musical textures and color as the city prepares for its festivals. Some of the festivals to look out for on your trip to Alwar are:

Alwar festival

Held from February 13 to 15, the Alwar festival is really a celebration of the rich heritage of this earthy city. A 3 day affair, it begins with a colorful procession that makes it’s way through the streets of the city to envelope everybody in its festive spirit. A Shilp Gram (handicraft village) is organized where all the items-clothes, puppets, bed covers, blankets, wall hangings, pottery.- are hand made by the local artists and on sale for you to buy, as souvenirs, gifts and decorative items to deck up your home. There’s also an exhibition of the rare and antique items of Alwar. A big lure of the festival is the Elephant polo, wherein you see colourfully decked up elephants and their mahouts fighting it out on a polo pitch for a football. Being a tourism initiative, you can expect a number of food stalls and kiosks doling out Kachori, Halva, Imarti, and full of divine sweetness, Alwar’s famous Milk Cake. The festival is one of the perfect times to witness dusty, laidback Alwar work itself into frenetic activity and bustle.

Rath Yatra

A significant festival of the Jagannath temple, Rath Yatra festival is celebrated annually in June-July, when Lord Jagannath and Jankiji are taken out around the city in a chariot called Indra Vimana. The festival is actually the annual wedding celebration of Lord Jagannath and Jankiji and those who are familiar with Puri’s Jagannath rath yatra will find it different in tone and nature from that celebrated in Puri. In the wake of the chariot and leading it are lakhs of devotees, with festivities and drums splitting the sky well into the night. The chariot, decorated elaborately, initially used to be the carriage of the Maharajas’ of Alwar, pulled by an elephant.

Sawan Teej

One of the more traditional festivals of
Rajasthan, Sawan teej is celebrated across the cities with immense joy and celebrations. Celebrating the arrival of monsoons, hence prefixed Sawan (monsoon), it occurs in the month of August. A festival particularly close to women of the city, you will find the womenfolk dressed in elaborate traditional wear, ghagra (long skirt) and kanchli (top), with the fabrics being traditional leheria (tie and dye) prints. All across the city you will find the swings bedecked with fragrant flowers and leaves, with women taking turns swinging on it. This unique tradition goes way back to the ancient times when the women would express their happiness and celebrate the arrival of monsoons by swinging on the swings in merry abandon and singing songs. Today the tradition has been kept alive and you will find many folk dance shows and performances being held throughout the city. Additionally, the women also pray to Goddess Parvati to seek her blessings for a happy married life and well being of their spouses. Of particular interest to you would be the Teej special sweets, Ghevar and Feeni, being made and sold at the local sweet shops.

Kite festival

Held on the day of
Raksha Bandhan (festival that celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters) in August, the Kite festival is really a Kite flying competition, open to visitors and tourists as well. Once the Raksha Bandhan rituals and celebrations are over, people, children and adults head out in the open areas, playgrounds, parks, terrace, even tree tops, etc to fly kites, many hand made, and mostly to cut each other’s kites. The kites in themselves are fascinating, some as big as 1.5 meters, made of paper colored in every conceivable variety and combination, with images, messages written on them. Soon you will find the sky dotted and covered in a frenzy of colorful, fluttering kites, which will hold you captivated if you look at them long enough. Once the kites are up and flying smoothly, the shout of one person having cut another’s will run through the crowd and then after that, everyone’s kite is a fair game. Utter anarchy reigns in the sky, with everyone going after everyone’s kite. You can feel the atmosphere reverberating with sheer joy and fun.


In addition, festivals like Dusshera, Diwali and Holi are celebrated too with great deal of fervour and excitement.

Immerse yourself in the unique rustic flavour of Alwar, listen to its history come alive in the musical notes, enjoy the rich stream of folksy dance styles and stuff yourself with merry abandon-Alwar has all the makings of an epic vacation.

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