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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the popular lakes around Jodhpur?

Kapil Gumasta DEC 10 2012
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Evolved from the beasts of the primordial sea, and spending nine months in a fluid environment inside our mother’s womb, we all carry a deep psychological connection with water. How many times have you come across an ocean or a lake or even a sparkling fountain and felt your stress and worries melt away? Water has such profound effect on us that even a photograph or painting of a peaceful water body does the trick. But here in Jodhpur, you don’t have to make do with any such paintings or pictures! You will get the real deal in the form of three beautiful lakes located close to the city, but away from its usual blares and babbles.

  • Balsamand Lake

    Just 6 kilometres into the Jodhpur-Mandore road, lies this beautiful example of man-made architecture. Initially built in 1159 AD to serve as a water reservoir for Mandore, this lake is one kilometre long, 50 meters wide and 15 meters deep. Today it has become a very popular picnic spot because of additional attractions like the sprawling lush gardens bristling with an impressive array of fruit trees, and the beautiful lakeside palace built by Maharaja Sur Singh as a summer retreat, which at present, serves as a heritage hotel. An artificial waterfall originating from the reservoir supplies water to the garden. One may even catch a blue bull or a peacock strutting around in the gardens or even a fruit bat hanging from the trees. There are domed embankments created around the lake, which offer excellent views of the lake. If you are in a mood to explore around further, there is a hundred pillar Shiva temple called the Maha Mandir, approximately 2 kilometres away from Jodhpur, on the way to this lake.

  • Kaylana Lake

    Built by Sardar Pratap Singh, this lake serves as Jodhpur’s major supply of drinking water. Situated about 8 kilometres to the west of Jodhpur, on the Jaisalmer road, Kaylana lake is said to have been constructed on the ruins of the gardens and palaces of two Jodhpur kings. There is a secluded Siddhartha Shiv temple sandwiched between the Takhat Sagar hills located closeby. Spread over an enormous 84 square kilometre area, and surrounded with Babul trees, this lake makes for a spectacular sight. You will love this place even more if you are into bird watching. Luckily for you, various migratory birds like the Siberian Crane, come here during the winters, which coincides with the tourist season. The sunsets here are simply phenomenal! Splattered with shades of reds, pinks, violets and yellows, the sky literally resembles the work of an artist gone berserk. At this time, the lake looks quite fetching and your desire to venture into the deep waters is quite understandable. However, we will caution you not to go swimming (yes, even you swimming champions) as many people have lost their lives in the waters. On a brighter note, you can always go boating after you are done with your picnic snacking.

  • Sardar Samand Lake

    At about 60 kilometres south-east of Jodhpur, along the Jodhpur-Pali road, lies another paradise for bird lovers. If you are thinking about the distance you have to cover, just hold your horses! The route itself is one of the selling points of this destination. Apart from the characteristic natural beauty of this area, you will find small scattered villages on the way. An interesting mention would be the Bishnoi village, which is quite an old settlement. If you are not travelling on a tight schedule, make time to stop and talk to the villagers who will warm your heart with their welcoming smiles and charming hospitality. Once you reach the Sardar Samand lake, you can enjoy the serenity and calmness of the environment or wander around the wilderness (practicing caution, of course). You are sure to catch glimpses of several different species of birds, Black bucks and Chinkaras. If you do not feel like making the trip back to the city, you can choose to stay at the Sagar Samad Lake Palace - a beautiful Art-Deco structure with oriental gardens and a favourite retreat of the Jodhpur royalty. This hotel is still a well-kept secret as not many tourists know about the place. The rates usually range from INR 5,500 to 6,600 per night.

Once you decide to venture out of the city boundaries, you are sure to find little treasures like these, waiting to be explored. Please make time to visit these lakes if you can. Just sit back and relax (we would not recommend closing your eyes, for obvious reasons) and soak in the beauty and the tranquillity surrounding these lakes.

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