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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the popular local dishes that Colombo is famous for?

Manish Kumar DEC 10 2012
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Colombo is a foodaholic’s paradise. Even though it has similarities to South Indian cuisines, its special distinctness in terms of flavours, recipes and variety makes it uniquely enticing. Since, it is a tropical country, fish, coconut and curry form the essence of most local food items here. Plus, coconut oil is an inevitable addition to almost every dish prepared in this city. Let us have a look at some of the prominent ones.

  • Fish Curry and Mixed Rice

    How about the idea of a bowl of rice piled with your favourite flavour of fish curry and some fresh and delicious vegetable curries spicing up the whole dish? Add to this complimentary chutney and you have your dish perfect. Well, your mouth is watering already, isn’t it? This is one of the most common and popular local dishes in Colombo, in fact, in Sri Lanka as a whole.

    A sumptuous plate is likely to cost you LKR 200 and above, depending on the venue you choose to have this dish. Gateway Hotel, for instance, offers delectable dishes in this category.

  • Jackfruit Curry

    Curries like the various varieties of Fish Curries, Dal Curries, etc are very popular among tourists. But, this one takes the prize for being a very unique and delicious one. In this one, large chunks of jackfruit (also known as Polos in local culture) are grinded and mixed in a number of different ways, as per the preference of the customer and the desired taste.

    The curry is often flavoured with other vegetable curries and even
    chutneyed in order to give it a more spicy taste. Green Cabin Terrace at Galle Road or Spice Coast at Shrubbery Gardens are some popular spots to try this dish out. The dish should cost anywhere over LKR 200.

  • Vegetarian Kottu

    One of the most popular Sri Lankan street food, Colombo city takes pride in being one of the major attractions when it comes to offering this mouth-watering dish. Basically it is prepared by cleaving the simple godamba roti into pieces over fire. It is further assorted with a number of spices, vegetable or meat ingredients. Moreover, it is served with a lip-smacking sauce or chutney to satiate your appetite to its fullest.
    All in all, the dish is simply irresistible and there’s no way you can afford to miss on this one if you happen to visit Sri Lanka. Raja Bojun Restaurant is a popular choice amongst tourists. The dish normally costs less than LKR 200. Egg Kottu is another variety in this dish, which must be tried if you are not averse to eggs.

  • Deep Fried Chicken Rice

    Now, this is another favourite amongst the non-vegetarians and tourists are simply going to love it, given it is scarcely available across other regions of the world.
    This local dish is fine conglomerate of finely fried rice and chicken. Trust me, the fragrance itself is so alluring that just one plate might not suffice, though this dish is very filling. Egg fried rice is another variation of this dish. The dish may cost about LKR 300 or more. You could try
    Lemon Restaurant at Alfred House Road for this dish.

  • Ampulthiyal

    This is the sour fish-curry which has a cult-cuisine in Colomban food circles. The fish meat is fabulously blended with strong, hot and spicy chillies. Traditionally Tuna fish or any other variety of blood fish are mixed with grounded Goraka (gambooge), pepper, cloves and cardamoms.
    The dish has parallels with
    Burmese food and the utterly spicy, chilly and oily taste will transport you into a whole new land of exquisite taste and unparalleled essence.
  • The dish may cost something like LKR 350. Green Cabin Restaurant is a good option to try this dish.

So, are you ready for a food carnival out there in Colombo?

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