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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the popular temple festivals of Tiruchirappalli?

Chandralekha Singh DEC 10 2012
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Tiruchirappalli celebrates throughout the year a number of festivals that are unique and restricted to its temples. Watch before your very eyes Tiruchirappalli transform from a small city-inward looking and personal into a city whose pulse you can feel under your very feet reverberate, as the temple festive celebrations grip it in a flurry of frenetic festivities. Some of the temple festivals to watch out for on your trip to Tiruchirappalli are:

  • Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival

    A deeply religious and elaborate festival, the Vaikunta Ekadashi is a 20 day festival divided into Pagal Paththu (10 day day time festival) and Raapaththu (10 days day-night) spread out over 10 days celebrated in late December and early January. Vaishnavism culture (worship of Lord Vishnu) believes that the gate to Lord’s inner Sanctum is opened on this day. The first day of the Pagal paththu is Vaikunta Ekadashi and is considered the holiest of all ekadashi’s as per the Vaishnavite tradition. On this day the Namperumal, the processional idol, is brought, in an elaborate procession attended by a sea of devotees, to the Hall of 1000 pillars.Lakhs of pilgrims, from all across South India, rush to enter it after the gate, Paramapada Vasal, is opened and the deity passes through it. It is believed that if you who enter through the gate, you will reach vaikuntam (heaven) after death. The gate is open only during the ten days of Pagal Pathu (10 days day-time festival). During the festival, through song and dance, this place is affirmed to be Bhoologa Vaikunta(heaven on earth). Nammazhwar, one of the 12 azhwars (Tamil poet saints), is believed to have ascended to vaikuntam(the heavenly abode of Vishnu) on this day. You can see the priests of the temples enacting the ascension of Nammazhwar as well as the recitation and enactment of Nalayara Divya Prabanda, the 4000 verses of azhwars. Regardless of whether are part of the festival for the first time or nth time, it is deeply moving experience.

  • Brahmotsavam

    Celebrated during March-April, the Tamil month of Panguni, it is a festival of Sri Ranganathaswamy temple. Once the rituals and offerings are performed, processions carrying the deity on the temple chariot, will go round the Chitrai street in the evenings. Following that, on the second day, the deity is taken to a garden inside the temple.  Then on the third day, the deity is taken in a palanquin through the river Kaveri to village Jiyarpuram on the opposite shore.

  • Samayapursam Mariamman Festival

    A festival of the Samayapursam Mariamman temple, located in Samayapuram near Tiruchirappalli. Dedicated to Goddess Mariamman, the South Indian Hindu Goddess of Rain, who is believed to have enormous powers over curing illnesses, the Chithirai Chariot Festival is celebrated over a period of 13 days in April. The Chariot car with the deity is pulled by devotees around the temple and the festival draws lakhs of devotees. If you venture out to be a part of the festival, keep in mind that no vehicle is allowed inside the town during the festival time and you will be required to cover the kilometer walk on foot. Once you reach the temple, you can see Samayapurathu Mariyamman visible through the main entrance and it will appear as if She has been awaiting your arrival all this while.

  • Car festival

    Celebrated in the Sri Rangam island, during February-March, the reigning deities of the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple are taken out in the huge, elaborately decorated temple chariot or car and the procession led through the streets of Tiruchirappalli. As the procession moves along, the crowd gets bigger and bigger and you can feel the streets and air pulsating with energy and thumps of the drums and noise. Celebrated annually, the ideology underlying the festival celebrations is to bless the city and its natives to lead their lives peacefully.

Bring your spirit of devotion and best clothes and lose yourself in the truly magnificent festivities that grip the very soul of the city and go back home with a happy heart and spirit.

Bhushavali Natarajan Jul 01 2013
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You need an entire year to see all the festivals that take place in Srirangam temple, as every festival is unique and happens once a year... Festivals happen almost everyday year round in Srirangam

Kona Vayyali Festivial: http://travel.bhushavali.com/2013/03/srirangam-vayyali-festival-trichy-tamil.html

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