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Kanika Nevatia Jul 02 2014

Which are the popular varieties of mangoes in India?

Anupriya Bedi Jul 02 2014
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One of the best thing about Indian summers is the advent of mangoes. Let’s take a look at 14 popular varieties of mangoes in India. There are over a hundred varieties of mangoes in India and everyone has their own particular favourite. It is not for nothing that the mango is India’s national fruit and is referred to as the “King of All Fruits”.

Photo of Mango Slices (by Sessions Dude)

1. Alphonso

Alphonso is the most popular variety of mango both in India and abroad. This variety is cultivated largely in the state of Maharashtra and also in parts of Gujarat and Karnataka. The alphonso mangoes that come from Devgad region of Maharashtra are said to be the best ones. This mango variety is named after Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese commander who conquered Goa in 1510. This mango is also known as aphoos and hapoos.

Photo of Alphonsos (by P L Tandon)

2. Badami

Badami is also known as Karnataka alphonso because the texture and taste are quite similar to the alphonso. It is grown widely in north Karnataka and the best badami mangoes are available around May.

Photo of Badami (from Facebook Page)

3. Baiganpalli

Baiganpalli also known as baneshan is grown in Andhra Pradesh and is extremely popular in the southern states of India. This mango has an oval shape and an unblemished golden yellow thin edible skin. The fruit is fibreless and firm and has a sweet taste.

Photo of Baiganpalli (by P L Tandon)

4. Dasheri

Malihabad is famous as the “Mango Capital of India”. It is home to the dusheri mango that gets its name from Dasheri Village near Malihabad. It has a unique sweet taste and has a slightly elongated shape. The 200-year-old mother tree of the variety is still there in Dasheri Village. So, go ahead and start making tour plans. You can now book a train using the train ticket booking feature of ixigo.

Photo of Dasheri (from Facebook Page)

5. Kesar

Kesar comes from the city of Ahmedabad and is also known as kesari in the southern states of India. It is named so because of its saffron colour. It is juicy and is also a very popular choice with chefs and homemakers for the very famous dessert “aamras”.

Photo of Kesar Mangoes (by Andrew Huff)

6. Moovandan

Moovandan mangoes are mostly found in the southern state of Kerala. It is usually savoured best when it is almost ripe with a tinge of salt and spice--this is how the locals have this tempting fruit.

Photo of Moovandan Mangoes (by Vitamin Green)

7. Totapuri

Totapuri is synonymous with the advent of summers in Bangalore. It is also known as “Bangalora” in the rest of India. It is slender in shape and resembles a parrot’s beak--the reason it is named “totapuri”.

Photo of Totapur (by P L Tandon)

8. Raspuri

Raspuri mangoes are primarily grown in Karnataka and are extremely popular in the city of Mysore. It is oval in shape and has a reddish-yellow skin. The raspuri mango has a rich aromatic flavour. It is also used for making pickles, jams, juices and jellies.

Photo of Raspuri (by P L Tandon)

9. Mulgoa

Mulgoa is also known as malgova in the state of Karnataka. It is small in size but heavy in weight. A fully ripe fruit of this variety could easily weigh up to 2 to 3 kg. It is a very juicy and fragrant mango. It has a reddish-green coloured skin.

Photo of Mulgoa (by P L Tandon)


Himsagar is an extremely famous variety of mangoes that is cultivated in West Bengal. It has a musky and sweet aroma and very sweet and pulpy flesh.

Photo of Himsagar (by Asit K. Ghosh)

11. Gulab Khas

Gulab khas is named so because of its rosy reddish appearance. It is mainly grown in Muzaffarnagar. It is also used by chefs and homemakers for a lot of mango-based desserts.

Photo of Gulab Khas (by mugup)

12. Chaunsa

Chaunsa is mainly grown in Uttar Pradesh, particulary in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, and is really famous in northern India. It is pale yellow in colour and has very little fibre, which makes it really juicy and a true delight for mango lovers.

Photo of Chaunsa (by afzaal 5314)

13. Langra Benarsi

The langra mango is originally from near the religious capital of India--Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is very famous in north India. The langra has a thin green skin and a very sweet flavour. The best quality of langra comes from the Patna region of Bihar.

Photo of Langra Benarsi (by Gjtech)

14. Malda

Malda is named after the Malda District in West Bengal, where it is cultivated. It is also known as Bombay Green and Shehroli in northern Indian states. It has a rich aromatic flavour and oval shape. It has characteristic Spanish green coloured peel and has a sweet taste.

Photo of Malda (by Sanjay Howladar)

Now that you know the 14 popular varieties of mangoes in India, get ready to bite into juicy slices of this pulpy fruit. Our list is a very small one--let us know which are your favourite mangoes. Happy eating!

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