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ixigoers Dec 31 2013

Which are the typical flavours of India?

Benazir Khan Dec 31 2013
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We live in an age and time when travel is not a bag and baggage mode to get from one spot on earth to another. There are typical flavours of India involved. We feel, sense, live while we’re on the go. Some of these experiences stay with us in the form of something that our senses have wholesomely divulged into. Tastes, smells, sights, sounds and morsels of touch that we absorb that are atypical of the landscape we are meandering through leave an impression on the memory which stays forecasted on the memory graph forever.

Assam and its turbulent Bhut Chilli Jolokia

Terrain-wise the setting gives one a sense of warmth when one looks on at the valley, even with all its cool to moderate temperatures. Make a graph of your own convenience of the weather conditions that suit you best for a visit here. This is owing to the fact that the valley is home to most of the populous. However, the warmth that one experiences while walking through the inner woods, is of a different kind altogether - read the pungent smell of something very organic that gets to your nose and for some sensitive people even their eyes. While watching the chillies being grown or harvested, wait for the sound of the clipping motions of the farmer’s tools in Guwahati, it will tell you when to step away to avoid a strong attack of the whiff. It is none other than the hottest chilli in the world - the Bhut Jolokia, which with a single touch and bite through the mouth can get even the best amongst us stalwarts crying for their lives.

A photo of Assam (by PP Yoonus)

Himachal Pradesh and its parade of Apples

Himachal Pradesh is home to the lower foothills of the Himalayas, a fact that undeniably makes the landscape a scenery in itself, surrounded by mountains. The whites and rugged hues of browns play peekaboo with the a burst of reds every now and then, when one reaches for the lower reaches beside the banks of the Himalayan rivers. You might consider planning a trip here sooner than later. Here in Kinnaur, one will find a burst of orchards, all nurturing our favourite ladies in red - apples. The smell from a distance is sweet and refreshing, and while you wait for the wooshing and gushing of the river gushing through the gorges in the valley to turn faint already, you might simply get to hear and savour all in all the juicy essence of that lustrous apple, with its beautiful Kinnauri skin gliding through your fingertips.

A photo of Himachal Pradesh (by SriniG)

Kerala and its truckloads of Coconut essence

Kerala is God’s own country and because God has his own way here, the abundance in plain view that is coconuts, becomes a natural inclusion in everything you eat and smell as well. The backwaters and the tributaries bound towards the the Indian Ocean, in some heavenly places to visit here, form interesting islands full of this heavenly fruit, seed, palm (sometimes even a vegetable), as you may have it, right here in Alleyppey. Coconut is savoured as a fruit, after the water is sipped off its cooey interior, almost giving one a visual retreat of a halo with some blessed holy water. The grated and other liquid versions of it - even the chutneys, are savouries that don’t need accompaniments to enjoy with. Look on, smelling and having an explosive affirmation of the senses to what the coconut groves have to offer as one of the typical flavours of India.

A photo of Kerala (by Thursday Next)

Rajasthan and its gallons of Besan

Besan, a typical flour made out of roasted gram (chickpeas) is an ingredient which is atypical to Rajasthan. Gram dots most of Eastern Rajasthan’s vegetative cover. Almost every known entity in is made of it, or with generous dollops of it in the cuisine here. While the golden sands dotting the landscape in Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer make for a stunner, the same (if some local folklore is to be believed) was the idea for dressing the plate for connoisseurs. To know more about the pink, blue and golden cities here, take a look at the Rajasthan travel guide. Visions and mirages play hide and seek, while you set foot on the one of the dhanis - Chokhi Dhani (a congregation of small huts) to enjoy the vivid indulgence that is a tirade of colours - reds, oranges, yellows, browns among others, with a sweet smell of recognition of that heart warming meal, that is served in an all embellished state, as beautiful as beauty can truly be.

A photo of Rajasthan (by Flicka)

Jammu and Kashmir and its roulette of Saffron Flowers

Kashmir ki kali (a flower bud) and a slightly offbeat one at that, this is definitely a sight that will leave you breathless. One can just as well fall short of adjectives and think of nothing else but an stupefied expression of absolute marvel at the sight of several mauve flowers bunched up and hugging each other as sisters of the same family, enjoying a joyous and serene pour of the sunshine in the stark white of the mountains, set against the teaks and greens of the valley beyond. Pampur, in Kashmir is a town which grows plenty of these lovely ladies. The stock is then transformed to what one sees in lovely shades of a bright, regal shade of red - an ingredient which is used in the preparation of several delicacies, both locally and in a few other states. The scrumptious smells of some of the must-haves in some places to eat here, are all an exquisite privilege that this lovely ingredient watermarks to its own right.

A photo of Jammu and Kashmir (by Margarita)

And travelling on, you could be lead to a plethora of all things magnificent and florid, and many others which will heighten your senses to a point of no return, while exploring the typical flavours of India. Either way, travel inspires feelings like nothing else does. If you have had any such experiences, it would be delightful to hear from you regarding the same. Anyway you do travel, however, you have to agree, that it takes you to a place where everything else is a far far cry away. You cold also check out an India travel guide to hep you with the same. To that and more, travel on, dream on! Cheers!

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