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Kritika Maurya Aug 07 2013

Which is the most adventurous activity you did on a trip?

Vaishali Singh Aug 07 2013
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The most exciting adventure of my life was White Water Rafting on the Indus River in Leh- Ladakh. The icy waters of the river were in some sort of fury, and the rapids seemed fierce. Trying to be the heroes we weren't, our group opted for the longer 14 km ride down the river, despite the Operator's feeble suggestions to take the shorter 7 km trip. We strapped on the life-jackets and sat onto our raft and loved the first half of rafting down the beautiful river, enjoying the occasional rapids.

After crossing the 7 km mark, came what could be called the most scary rapid of all times. The raft tipped, water gushed in and three of us on the raft, including me, tumbled out into the river. Suddenly, water was in my eyes, mouth and ears, and I was too shocked to react at first. What followed is still a vivid mess in my head, but apparently I was pulled out of the river, soaked in icy cold water to the bone, and I lived to sit here and share the experience.

Another adventure I fondly remember is Scuba Diving at Lakshadweep Islands. The clear glittery water, the vibrant colours of coral, the organised schools of beautiful fish - it was like diving into a whole new world, so much more beautiful than the one we live in! Here's a picture:

The one adventure I can't wait to have is that of visiting the Tiger Temple in Bangkok, where humans and tigers roam around like I would walk with my dog! Have only seen the photos, but I guess experiencing in believing!

Akshay Chhugani Aug 07 2013
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Rode behind the Bicycle of a baba who gave me a lift from Haridwar to Rishikesh in exchange for a small bag of french fries

Ernesto Cohnen Aug 07 2013
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Canopy in Costa Rica!

The one that I did was the Sky Trek in Arenal, rounded by active volcanos. Amazing views and lot of adrenaline experience!

You can try the "same" in India (a bit more softer :) between Delhi and Jaipur in Flying Fox in Neemrana.

If you have the opportunity, try it!

Aloke Bajpai Aug 07 2013
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Sat on this ride at Universal Studios, Singapore

Held a baby crocodile in my hands at Mamba Village, Mombasa, Kenya when I was 8:

Took a bath in the Ganga while it was in full flow at Hardiwar. It was meant to wash away my sins and to attain nirvana, but I had to do it while holding on to a chain for keeping me from getting there too early !

Kritika Maurya Aug 08 2013
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I was at my most adventurous back in January on my solo trip to Narkanda. There is a winding, uphill narrow road to Hatu Peak. At one turn there's only enough space for once car to get through and beyond it buses are not allowed. As I was driving up the road and feeling really proud at having navigated the road, at the final turn, without honking another car (Delhi number plate, is all I am saying) comes to a standstill in front of me.

What took place for the next 5 minutes was more or less standoff any cowboy would have been proud of. Since neither of us could anyway move, eventually I had to back downhill along with 3 other cars behind me. When on your one side is a towering hillock and on the other a deep plunge of 11,000 feet, and you have a car to maneuver in reverse, it is as adventurous as it can get.

Finally, after 15 minutes of screaming by the onlookers- "left, right..no, no left...oh no, right", we managed to back the downhill curve. All I can say is that nothing fazes me when it comes to driving now!

Pallavi Chhibber Nov 27 2013
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The most exhilarating activity i undertook was when i went scuba diving in Andamans and literally swam with the fish. It was not just educational but also very exciting to see all the colorful flora and fauna of the sea.
Krishna Srivatsa Nimmaraju Sep 19 2013
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It will be very difficult for me to choose the best adventure activity. I did bungy jump, scuba diving, skydiving, parasailing, rappelling, valley crossing,.... but the best being waterfall rappelling. I did rappelling on bhivpuri waterfall which is of around 200 ft height and while it was in a full flow. After doing the rappelling, when I watched my video, i was shocked and still feel how I did that. While doing rappelling, for some seconds, i was unable to breathe and unable to see anything. But some how I recovered from that effect and successfully completed the rappelling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd0tbPVhN3c&feature=c4-overview&list=UUFtsY1gRrGf8TzS2uuUzPHg

Shikha Gautam Aug 07 2013
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More than adventurous, I considered myself dead after the bungee jump at Rishikesh. The huge blue board that was installed at the place, right in front of the jumping platform couldn't stop me from looking down at the river. I understood how good I'm at shrieking that day as I jumped. For a few seconds, when I was suspended over the Ganga, I thought I had reached heaven (or hell).

The other one was paragliding at Bir and Billing. A strong gale of wind pushed me right off the cliff though I was supposed to make a run for it. While trying to control the treacherously swaying craft via threadbare ropes, I was so sure of crashing down into the Dhauladhars.

But yes, I survived and willing to go back. This time, to undertake training and get a license to fly solo.

Akshay Kumar May 15 2014
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