World’s Most Amazing Street Art

If you are planning a vacation and have run out of excuses to write on your leave application, this one is for you. Just write “Art Deprived” as the reason, for here’s a list of world’s most fascinating street art to satiate your deprived soul. 


Your boss might have more than just a query though. 


Shop till you drop! In Mayfair, London

Artwork by Bansky

 Smashed! In Saint Etienne, France

Artwork by Oakoak

 Sunburst! In Newburgh, New York, USA

Artwork by Dasic

The mother divine. In Veraval, India

Artwork by ___

Artwork by ___

 Origami Love! In Angers, France

Artwork by Mademoiselle Maurice

Make way, it’s an elephant. In Shekhawati, India

Artwork by ___

Thinking green. In Fort De France, Martinique

Artwork by Nuxuno Xän

Music on my mind. In Valparaiso, Chile

Artwork by ___

Badass. In Limerick, Ireland

Artwork by Smug

To world peace and more. In Delhi, India

Artwork by Hendrik Beikirch

Sluggo hates autumn! in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Artwork by David Zinn

Driving license? Age, no bar. In Penang, Malaysia

Artwork by Ernest Zacharevic

No mud on the wheels. No. In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Artwork by university students

Attention! in Paris, France

Artwork by ___

Hang on! In Frankfurt, Germany

Artwork by Julian Schweitzer

Destruct. In Milano, Italy

Artwork by NemOs

 Waiting in vain. In New York, USA

Artwork by Bansky

Oh yes, do follow. In Wellington, New Zealand

Artwork by Scampi

 Details of Strange Hat. In Delhi, India

Artwork by Artez

While I have picked and captioned world’s best street art for you, suggestions for more are welcome. If you have come across something like this or more fascinating, leave a comment below and see your entry in the list! 

Till then, happy travelling.


About the author

Shikha Gautam loves to play with steering wheels, roads, words, flute and guitar among other things. Not necessarily in that order! You can contact her on twitter @ShikhaGautam