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Shveta Berry
Shveta Berry
06 Oct 2015
Beauty! Wonderful locations. Amazing monasteries and breathtaking view. A must go in list of trips. Not to miss! Its a heaven for photographers :)
Deepak Billowria
Deepak Billowria
Amazing Destination
14 Sep 2015
I was there in last year, I don't forget this please. I would like to go there forever. Nice Place and amazing destination.
Schentrsetr Steven
Schentrsetr Steven
Himalayan Beauty.
25 Jun 2014
Progressively supported for outdoors neglected desert, Zanskar is a valley of old religious communities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The world renowned Chadhar Trek begins here, and is the long for each individual intrigued by trekking. Unavailable throughout the winter, the fruitless excellence of this objective leaves everybody enchanted. Primevally a town lost in the Himalayan mountains and strictly bound in Buddhist administrations, Zanskar has about whether been uncovered by pioneers and today, is a position of criticalness to the travelers going by Leh and Ladakh. This spot is rich in religious communities, which delineate choice structural planning alongside bestowing higher otherworldly learning. The valley additionally has an oppulence of impactful inhaling restorative herbs and bushes. Zongkhul, close to this spot, has various hollow cloisters that get the extravagant of each guest. One can additionally take exciting Jeep safaris in the tough mountain landscapes and wonder about the desolate yet at the same time beauteous perspective. Numerous would not have found out about this spot or simply caught wind of chadar trekking. An adventure from Kargil to Zanskar (Padum) itself is extremely decent however street is terrible One can part their voyage and stay at irregular and later continue to padum There are pleasant old religious communities to see in Padum one ought to stop through out the trip and revel in the nature, scene, snow, frozenriver or streems visitor house in padum offers pleasant stay and nourishment since excursion is long better to simply unwind one day in padum, its a sluggish n exceptionally remote place on the planet Penzila pass and encompassing snow topped mountain are treat to eyes and pleasant to play in snow we saw snow fall in june so climate is eccentric raod is awful so one ought to take travel disorder and AMS tablets one ought to convey enough water and sustenance as there is stand out or 2 towns through out the adventure.

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