10 Of The World’s Biggest Objects

We’ve always been impressed by the massiveness of things that this planet offered us–Grand Canyon, Pyramids of Giza; there’s something for everyone. Amid that and our never-ending quest for building great things, we’ve cobbled a list of absolutely colossal things from around the world.

Some of these pieces have earned the prestigious Guinness World Records and we don’t question it. But seriously, what were you thinking?

World’s Largest Fork, Missouri1

Sorry to break your bubble, but there’s nothing to eat here folks. This  35 ft tall and 11-ton heavy fork is a popular tourist attraction. It’s depicted as sticking out of the ground. ImageCredit:Dysphasiatic.com

World’s Biggest Telephone, Holland2

The only reason why this telephone is 2.47 metres (8 foot 1 inch) high and 6.06 metres (19 foot 11 inches) long is that that one shouldn’t struggle while making a call. Haha! ImageCredit:Kids.guinnessworldrecords.com

Biggest Cup In The World, California3

This giant concrete cup stands outside the premises of a factory that doesn’t produce cups. ImageCredits:Joeorman.shutterace.com

Biggest Axe In The World, Canada4

This two and a half decades old axe has a time capsule embedded in its head. This giant axe symbolises the importance of the forest industry, past, present and future. ImageCredit:Charming-photos.deviantart.com

World’s Biggest Frying Pan, Washington5

A year-long reminder of the town’s razor clam, this frying pan was forged in 1941. It stands 14 feet tall and is 9 feet 6 inches wide. ImageCredit: Utrip.com

World’s Largest Crossword, Ukraine6

This puzzle covers one side of a massive residential block. It remains obscure in the daytime, with the answers lighting up during the night. The questions for the puzzle hurl in several corners in the city. One can write the answers and look for them at night here. ImageCredit:Whenonearth.net

World’s Largest Swimming Pool, Chile7

Spanned across a whopping area of 20 acres, the largest swimming pool in the world is 115 ft deep and 1,000 yards long. The cost of making this pool was £1billion, with the annual maintenance of £2million.

World’s Largest Glass of Beer, UK8

When it took more than an hour to fill a glass, the organisers knew that it would be a world-event. This glass of beer contained 2,082 litres, and 3,664 pints, one for every kilometre of the Tour de France.

World’s Most Gigantic Chair, Italy9

Manzano is the city of chairmakers and a place to which this chair was dedicated. Rumour has it that they craftsmen are still working for its table. ImageCredit: Smileosmile.com

Biggest Basket In The World, Ohio10

The Longaberger Basket Building is a handcrafted maple wood building. It’s a 7 story corporate office of the company and one can be completely amazed at the culture around this set of visions of a basket filled world. ImageCredit: En.wikipedia.org

It’s a crazy world out there.

CoverImageCredits: wowamazing.com