12 Extreme Adventure Sports That Aren’t For The Faint-Hearted

Sports have a different way of pumping your heart and mind. Although age is just a number when it comes to having an adventure, these sports are an absolute game changer– definitely something that you’ve never done!

We all have heard of skydiving, bungee jumping, and paragliding — let’s call them as “adventure” for normal people. But then, there are sports for people who bear a heart of “iron” and the will of “ironman”. Sports that demand you to camp on a cliff, several thousand feet above the ground, sports that demand you to jump off a base — as if jumping from an airplane wasn’t enough. Anyway, here’s a list of extreme adventure sports in the world and they’re definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Creeking1 Creeking

The idea is to plunge off a very high waterfall using durable kayaks. Now one may ask what for? Well, adventurers have always been thrilled by the thought of hitting into jagged rocks or being sucked down below the water!


Base Jumping2 Base Jump

For every 2,000 jumps, one death is recorded, making it one of the most dangerous sport, ever. Jumpers throw themselves off from one of the base structures, meaning from a building, antenna, span or a bridge. We dare you!


Tow-in-surfing3 Tow in Surfing

It’s a way of reaching the top of the fastest moving wave there is, sometimes that are as tall as skyscrapers. The idea is to break the 30-foot barrier and be on the top of the wave, especially when they are at their highest.


Free Soloing4 Free Soloing

Rock climbing is a pretty challenging and gut-wrenching sport in itself; Free Soloing is a step ahead. Without any harness or safety rope,  free soloing is the art of managing the entire weight using just their fingertips and toe tips. Well, okay!


Wingsuit Flying5 Wingsuit flying

Wingsuit flying is nothing but a simple flight of a man, without any support, from a cliff or from a very tall structure. Wingsuit flying entails jumping off a perch and gliding down to the ground while wearing wings. One glides at a speed of over 160 kph from mountains, bridges, and buildings.


Ice Climbing6 Ice Climbing

Who thought that fierce winter could add on to the existing adventure? Well, someone clearly did. It involves scaling formations of vertical ice, like frozen waterfalls and cliffs covered with ice.


Volcano Surfing7 Volcano Surfing

Okay, I couldn’t believe that it was a real thing until I saw people doing it. Using a plywood board, adventurers surf their way down the volcanic remains. It may sound easy, but fighting the rough volcanic rocks can be a daunting task.


Cave Diving8 Cave Diving

If you are aquaphobic, you should definitely stay away from this sport. As the name suggests, cave diving entails deep waters diving inside a cave. In case your equipment fails, the cave makes it hard to make a quick ascent to the surface.


Highlining9 Highlining

While some may think that this is an art of the bygones, Highlining is a popular adventure sport even nowadays. It’s a sport where one needs to walk over a rope where there are no balancing pole, no net to catch you in case you fall, and the wire is not stabilized and taut. So, would ya?


Kite skiing10 Kite Skiing

This is the art of using a traction kite and a harness to pull a skier across the snow and into the air; as if the normal skiing wasn’t enough! While this usually happens in the snow-planes, some adventurers take it further by rolling down the snow clad mountains.


Dirt Biking11 Dirt Biking

You just don’t bike through but glide through the obstructions that come your way. Dirt biking is an extreme form of adventure, something that is really risky and demanding. The bikes have special road-racing tires with grooved tread to grip both the pavement and the dirt.


12 Bouldering

If you think that you’ve conquered the walls, then you must try bouldering in the wild open space. One step ahead from indoor rock-climbing, the sight of bouldering can send chills down the spine of a spectator.

So, how many are you willing to tick off your list?