10 Things People Do While Travelling In A Train

If you are someone who travels by train frequently, you would be able to relate to all 10 things people do while travelling in a train. Funny, crazy, stupid and at times irritating–a train journey gives you a taste of all the weirdness you couldn’t have ever imagined.

Hamari puri kahani

You see people talking to strangers about anything and everything, right from their first travel experience to how they missed their last train. A great way to master the art of storytelling, you see!


Thoda hai thode ki zarurat hai

The moment you enter your coach, you see people stuffing their luggage even if there isn’t any space left. Too much luggage and too little space, we tell you!



Chalo dildaar chalo

Before settling down, you see many people changing to bathroom slippers. After all comfort is everything. 😀


Tu hai meri Simran

How can we forget people who stand at the door and lean out to see if they are lucky enough to catch hold of their “Simran” (remember DDLJ?).

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Jahan teri yeh nazar hai meri jaan mujhe khabar hai

There are two kinds of insomniacs who travel by train–one who doesn’t sleep at night, and one who wants to but doesn’t simply to safeguard his/her luggage. Checking for luggage after every nap is one of the 10 things people do while travelling in a train.



Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya

You see at at least one upper/lower berth PDA (Public Display of Affection) in every coach. Love is in the air…oops, train, we mean.

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Ek baat agar jo maano tum

If you are bad at dealing with street vendors, simply watch passengers bargaining with hawkers for even the smallest of items. And your crash course in haggling is done! 😀


Jhoom, jhoom, jhoom baba

Whether it’s nature’s call or not, you see wanderers making endless trips to the loo, as if they are doing a ramp walk at a fashion show.


Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge

You see hardcore mobile fans who constantly update their status and check-ins on social media.


Ek khel khele hum

You know people are playing taash when you hear one of the participants boast of his good luck and others cursing their luck.

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Paani, paani re

You see many people getting down at every station to stock up water bottles as if water is the only thing they can survive on during the journey.



If you happen to see any of these 10 things people do while travelling in a train, do share your experience with us. Happy reading! 🙂



About the author: A pen, notepad and her imagination–Pritha loves narrating stories her way!