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One of the biggest achievements of mankind was the invention of airplanes. Imagine, what an overwhelming feeling the Wright brothers must have experienced when they tested OK their first flight, and could see the shape of transportation changing in the years to come. Undoubtedly, this mode of transport has diminished distances, breached mountains, seas, and what not, and literally has given wings to the entire human existence. So Dubai, which is at a reasonably huge distance from Delhi, is no more than 4 hours away by flight. This is just a small number, for there are zillions of lands unexplored, exotic, mainstream, historical, that were pretty much alien to most of the people around the globe, but today are just a flight booking away. We’d suggest you an interesting option-- if you are flying overseas, instead of taking a direct flight, take the one with one or more stopovers. Now ask why? Well, because in the cost of one ticket, you’d get to see more than one destinations, even if for some hours. Who minds, right? Thank us later!

Having said and raved so much about this efficient mode of transportation, the only hindrance, if at all arises, is that of the money that one needs to spend to travel afar. At times, an air ticket to USA from India could cost a fortune to someone who is flying in the peak festive month or has picked one of those last minute flights in a rush! In such a situation, what comes handy is a travel assistant that could sort out the travel woes in a cinch. The good news is, in this ultra modern and technologically advanced world, everything is just a click away or better now, a tap away. You crave for a pizza, it’s right there on your smartphone, in the food app! You wish to shop-- right there in your smartphone! The best is yet to come. Planning to travel? This too is just a click away on your desktop or a tap away on your smartphone. One such travel genius is ixigo. This one makes sure that you don’t juggle between tabs in your browser in a bid to score cheap air tickets.

An adept travel meta search engine, ixigo makes sure that each and every potential traveller has access to the best possible information and travel related deals without breaking a sweat, 24 x 7. Everyone seeks to save some money in the best possible manner, wherever possible. Similarly, the travel space has become so dynamic, so competitive that at times you’d find yourself in a fix to zero in on the right destination, or deal. With ixigo, you need not browse through a plethora of tabs to compare flights and their prices, or to check which hotel is the best accommodation choice for your next trip. All this comes seamlessly packed in one app or website, whatever you feel comfortable using. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, for ixigo opens up a world of jaw-dropping travel deals and information related to a particular destination you have been planning to go for your vacation. From cheap air tickets, to the best budget hotels in a city, and even to exploring the best restaurants around the place you are in, ixigo offers a myriad of travel related services.

The best part is that this travel buddy even guides you through your flight status, with live flight schedule, so that you are prepared one step ahead for the delays, if any. How we always wished for such a genie, right? With ixigo, you have the liberty to compare the flight prices as well as choose your preferred air carrier, all in the same window. You can compare most of the popular Indian airlines, including Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Air India, Indigo Airlines, Spicejet Airlines, Jetlite, Vistara Airlines, and so forth, for any domestic trip. Similarly, for International destinations, you can search for almost all major international air carriers such as Emirates Airlines, KLM Airlines, Qatar, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, etc.

Precisely, with ixigo, you have access to a wealth of unbiased information on airfares on the go. This way, it is relieving travellers from the time and effort spent on haphazardly searching for flight tickets from across a confusing array of deals put up by an endless number of travel agents and other players in the travel industry. In fact, it is totally a win-win situation for the users of the ixigo website and app, as they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are getting some of the cheapest available deals on their air ticket booking without shelling out a hefty commission as fee for some booking agent. Online Flight booking can be directly made on an airline's official website by way of Credit cards, Debit cards and online banking gateways of banks. Travellers can compare and choose the preferred airline or fare, across a wide spectrum of filters that ixigo provides, and get cheap flight tickets easily. Cashbacks are another stupendous offerings that ixigo has been laying out almost every week, to make travelling by air, especially domestic, a negligible expense. This definitely is a treat for all the frequent flyers, no?

So the next time you book flight tickets with ixigo, you can be sure of an easy, and an efficient process in whole, supported by some other beneficial goodies along. Undoubtedly, the phrase, ‘All under one roof’ assumes real meaning right here at ixigo. Where are you heading to?