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Flight Status

Check real-time updates on arrival and departure of your flight with the help of flight status. Though all airlines try to follow their published schedules, there can be unavoidable circumstances such as technical defects, heavy rains and air traffic issues due to which flights can get delayed. The ‘Flight Status’ of a flight indicates its real-time arrival and departure time.

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Importance of Flight Status

To plan your trip promptly, it is very important to know any updates of the flight you are travelling with. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling domestic or international, with the help of flight tracker, you can anytime track your flight and see if there are any changes in the scheduled timings.

There are various factors which play a role in determining whether you will reach your destination on time or not. From bad weather to technical snags in aircrafts to delayed departures and late arrivals, the scheduled time is often compromised by factors that are not in anyone’s control. If you also dread waiting long hours for the boarding call or turning up at the airport to pick someone hours before the time of arrival, it is suggested that you use the Live Flight Tracker option. This way you save your time and can enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Flight Status Descriptions

Scheduled -  Flight is not airborne.

Delayed - Flight is not on its scheduled departure time.

Departed - Flight has left the departure gate but may not be airborne yet.

In Air - Flight has taken off.

Diverted - Flight has been diverted from its scheduled destination towards a new location.

Recovery - Flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination.

Landed - Flight has landed.

Arrived - Flight has arrived at its destination gate

Cancelled - Flight has been cancelled

No Takeoff Info - The real-time status of the flight is unavailable. Contact the airline for all the information.

Flight Status Services by

Check your flight status online anytime in real-time on ixigo. Get all the details of your flight and save your time and energy.

What is the significance of your PNR number for flight status?

At the time of flight booking, a PNR (Passenger Name Record) is generated. It is a computer-generated identification record which contains all the information related to the passenger’s itinerary. This alphanumeric code helps retrieve all the important information and hence, plays an important part in the travel.  The reservation system creates the PNR to save details such as the name of the passenger, flight details, contact details and statement of the preferences such as the class of travel and choice of seat. The same PNR is used at the time of check-in to mark the start of the journey. Also, to check flight status, you will need to enter your PNR number. You can check your booking status, flight details and flight schedule with the help of this PNR number. 

Flight Status FAQs

Q. What information will a ‘Flight Status Tab’ contain?
A. The flight status tab will show you the following information --

  • Date of Travel
  • Flight Number
  • Airport and Terminal Information
  • Scheduled Time of Departure/Arrival
  • Period of delay
  • Estimated Time of Departure/Arrival

Q. Is the ‘Flight Status’ information accurate?
A. There are many factors such as bad weather, traffic control or technical issues that can affect the arrival/departure time of your flight. The flight status information is updated every few minutes. There are little chances of any discrepancy and even if there is any, it will rarely be off by just few minutes.

Q. What if I don't know the flight number?
A. That's not a problem. You can check your inbox for the email sent to you by your airlines. Also, if you can’t find the email, just go through the list of all the flights on that particular route and determine which flight you have to track from its timing information.

Q. Can we track international flights?
A. Yes, you can track both your domestic and international flights online.

Q. Can I get email and SMS ‘Flight Status’ alerts?
A. Once you have made the booking, you will start getting flight status updates by email or SMS. Almost all the airlines provide this complimentary service to their flyers. You will get up-to-date information of your departure/arrival in your inbox. Also, if you want you can create special alerts which will notify you of price drops, flight schedule changes and much more.

Q. Can I unsubscribe from this service?
A. No, you can’t unsubscribe from the ‘Flight Status Alert’ service.

Q. What to do if I do not receive any Email or SMS alerts regarding flight status?
A. In case you do not receive any alerts on your ‘Flight Status’, contact the airlines you have booked your tickets with. Check the contact details shared with the carriers. Update your details in case of any discrepancy.