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Flights Status: Air India Express
Air India Express, a subsidiary of Air India airlines, provides low-cost connectivity between cities. Headquartered in Kochi, Air India Express operates from 13 cities across India and provides international flights to the Middle-East and Southeast Asian countries. Its mission is to provide convenient connectivity in the short-range routes at the most affordable prices. 
Its aircraft only have a single class economy, following its aim of providing budget travel to passengers. All essential on-board services are provided, including complimentary standardised meals and on-flight entertainment facilities.
Air India Express Flight Status Services by
With, you can check Air India Express flight status anywhere, anytime with just a click. Here, you get all the details of your flight in a few simple steps. It is recommended that you check the status of your flight before your trip, so that your journey is happy and hassle-free.
Why is it important to check ‘Air India Express Flight Status’?
There are many factors which determine the status of a flight. Due to unavoidable weather conditions and sometimes, technical failures, flights are often delayed. To save time and avoid getting stuck at the airport, always check the Air India Express flight status. 
Importance of your Air India Express PNR number
PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a computer-generated identification record generated by Air India Express that appears on your ticket. Every passenger has a unique PNR, which stores all the details of the passenger or passengers travelling through the airline for that particular ticket.
The PNR of a ticket, basically, is your booking reference number, which has all the basic information of the passenger/passengers like, name, flight details, contact details, meal preferences, special assistance requests, seat preference, class of travel among other things. The ‘boarding pass’ is issued based on the PNR. The PNR number of your tickets also helps you check your flight details such as booking status, flight schedule and more.
FAQs: Air India Express Flights Status
Q. Where can one check the ‘Air India Express Flight Status’?
A: You can check the Air India Express Flight Status in 3 simple steps:
2. Fill in your flight code and the date of travel
3. Click on the ‘search’ button to generate the latest information on the ‘Flight Status’ of your upcoming flight.
Q. How will I know if my Air India Express flight is delayed?
A: ixigo flight status tracker can provide details of all Air India Express flights. The tracker provides real time information on arrival and departure of flights. It also indicates if the flight is delayed.
Q. What is the customer service number for Air India Express?
A: Get in touch with Air India Express customer care at 044-40013001 or 044-24301930.
Q. Where all does are some of the popular routes for Vistara airlines?
A: Air India Express flies to multiple destinations including Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Madurai Bahrain among others.