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Indigo Flight Status
One of the fastest-growing domestic airlines in India, Indigo has 3 simple philosophies: it offers affordable fares, flights are always on time, and provides a hassle-free travel experience.
With a market share of 38% as of August 2017, it has become India’s largest passenger airline. IndiGo Airlines has received various awards like the NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award for 2009 in the aviation category, CNBC AWAAZ Travel Award '09 for its best in class travel destinations, and Best Domestic Low-Cost Carrier' by Galileo Express TravelWorld 2008.
Since its establishment in August 2006, this airline has grown from a carrier having only one plane to a fleet of 141 aircraft presently. It serves 39 cities domestically and 7 cities internationally including Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Doha, Kathmandu, Sharjah, and Muscat. Also IndiGo has Airbus A320-200 CEO and NEO aircraft. The seating capacity of both of these aircraft is 180.
Why is it important to check ‘Indigo Flight Status’?
As mentioned above, there are some unavoidable factors that determine the status of a flight. So if you don’t wish to waste time waiting at the airport, then check Indigo flight status for all the updates about the real-time impact on arrivals and departures.  

Importance of your Indigo airline PNR number
A computer-generated identification record is produced by the Indigo airlines at the time of your reservation known as “Passenger Name Record” or PNR. It is stored in the Computer Reservation System or CRS of the airline and has all the itinerary details of a passenger or group of passengers flying on that ticket. The PNR details of any passenger are significant for travelling as it contains information like name of the passenger (or passengers traveling by the same booking), the contact details, statement of preferences like meals, flight details, choice of seat, class of travel, and request for special assistance, etc. Also, the ‘boarding pass’ that is issued to you is based on your PNR. With the help of your PNR number, you can check your flight details, booking status, flight schedule and so on.
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Check your Indigo flight status anywhere anytime with and get all the details easily and quickly at your fingertips. Just ensure to check the status of your flight before your trip to stay on track.

FAQs: Indigo Flights Status
Q. How to check the ‘Indigo Flight Status’?
A: Now check the Indigo Flight Status in these following simple steps:
1. Log onto the page and then click on the flight-status page
2. Fill up the field by providing your flight code and the date of your journey
3. Click the button ‘search’ to generate the latest information on the ‘Flight Status’ of your flight.
Q. Where can I check my Indigo flight status update?
A: Check your flight status on the ixigo website. Go on the Flight Status tab and pick a date, the details of the flights will be visible to you.
Q. How do I check if my Indigo flight is delayed?
A: The updated arrival and departure time of the flight is available on the ixigo flights app, under the “Flight Status” section.
Q. How can I contact Indigo airlines?
A: The customer service number for Indigo airlines is 0124-6173838.
Q. What are the popular routes on which Indigo airlines fly?
A: As of September 2019, IndiGo travels to a total of 70 destinations including 54 within India and 18 international destinations. The international routes are mostly within Asia. Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Guwahati are some of its key routes within India. Indigo flies to China, Bangladesh and Dubai as well.