13 Signs Of An Annoying Flight Passenger


Oops! Sorry, I did not mean to interrupt you. By the way, can I take your seat, please?

You know you are with an unwanted passenger when you hear such questions. Taking a flight is not all that easy after all. Once you pass all the security checks, you will meet people you are most afraid of– the ones who’d burp loudly, the ones who’d say sorry after throwing luggage over your head, the ones who’d act like chatterboxes and yet not realize that they bore you with their jibber jabber.

Yeah, you can’t get rid of them, but you should know exactly what makes them like that. You are a bad passenger if you do the below mentioned. Check it out;

1. Comfort comes firstbad_flight_passenger-page-002[1]


2. If it’s for free, it should be inside your stomachbad_flight_passenger-page-004[1]


3. The sense of entitlement is way too muchbad_flight_passenger-page-003[1]


4. In a hurry, are we?bad_flight_passenger-page-005[1]


5. Still catching up!!  bad_flight_passenger-page-006[1]


6. Stop, already!bad_flight_passenger-page-007[1]


7. Stinking, who?bad_flight_passenger-page-008[1]


8. Never happy with what you havebad_flight_passenger-page-009[1]


9. Playground, is it?bad_flight_passenger-page-010[1]


 10. Ever heard of sharing?bad_flight_passenger-page-011[1]


 11. Ain’t nobody got no place other than thisbad_flight_passenger-page-012[1]


 12. Love is in the air, literally! bad_flight_passenger-page-013[1]


13. Let’s talk that thing outbad_flight_passenger-page-014[1]

Next time you catch a flight, you know exactly what not to do. There you go fellas, just be the right person to sit next to.

Happy flying!bad_flight_passenger-page-015[1]


About the author:

Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!