5 Most Unusual Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Ho Ho Ho….December’s most famous day is here folks!

Christmas, a hugely popular festival celebrated around the world is a reflection of culture and traditions. From family gatherings, decorated trees to  yummilicious food, the christmassy feel is something we all wait for.

But did you know, there are 5 Christmas traditions from around the world which are super weird? Not kidding, have a look… 😀

For Christmas dinner, it’s KFC in Japan

Forget  turkey.. for many Japanese, traditional Christmas dinner is nothing but KFC. Wondering why? Well, thanks to the smart marketing by KFC! Their fried chicken is so popular during the festive day that one needs to book it in advance. Woo! 😈

2. Not Good but a bad Santa in Austria

Have you been good this year? If no, then you could be in trouble if you visit Austria during Christmas. Well, this is  because men dressed as devils wander the streets in search of badly-behaved children. LOL! :mrgreen:

3. Oh no! Itsy, bitsy spider decor in Ukraine

Christmas trees are usually decorated with ornaments, lights and tinsel, right? Not in Ukraine, my friend! Ukrainians like to decorate their trees with an artificial spider and web to bring good luck. That sounds crazy! 😳

Reason: An old tale of a poor woman who couldn’t afford to decorate a tree, woke on Christmas morning to discover the tree covered in a glorious, sparkling web which later turned into gold and silver, bringing fortune to the family.

4. Find a pickle and get a gift in Germany

In Germany pickle ornaments are tucked away in a hard-to-see spot on the Christmas trees and the child who finds it gets an extra present or good luck for the year. Awww, that’s cute! 😮

5. Fried Caterpillars for Christmas in South Africa

Got a favourite Christmas dish? How about some fried caterpillars? Many locals in South Africa eat caterpillars of the Emperor Moth instead of a juicy turkey on Christmas day. Eeee! 😡

OMG! These 5 bizarre Christmas traditions are really hard to digest. Till we meet again, happy travels and Merry Christmas everyone!