Ban Is The New “B” Word

When social media saw the #NextBanIdea, it quietly did not realize its repercussions. Several things and activities have been banned in India and Indians can’t help but whine about it.

We were rather amused we the kind of response twitter and Facebook gave. The sites were taken by the hilarious storm of tweets and memes. We couldn’t resist the fun and gave this idea a try. Here’s a list of places and what would they be without “BAN”.

1. Guess the place.. (Hint: Hush hush)1

2. Guess the place.. (Hint: Holy holy)2

3. Guess the place.. (Hint: Food to die for!)3

4. Guess the place.. (Hint: Neighbour)4

5. Guess the place.. (Hint: South Africa)5

6. Guess the place.. (Hint: Ozzie Land)6

7. Guess the place.. (Hint: Father of the nation)7

8. Guess the place.. (Hint: Odisha)8

9. Guess the place.. (Hint: It’s not Alia Bhatt)9

10. Guess the place.. (Hint: Aamchi Mumbai)10

How many did you guess?