Book Cheap Flights on These 10 Domestic Routes WITHOUT Any Coupons!

Flight fares, along with travel dates, are the most important factors to consider while booking a flight. And why are we stating super-obvious information? Because we’ve got a top-secret tip for you! 🙂

You might be aware of something known as ‘fare cap’ on domestic flights. Introduced in 2020, a fare cap means that the price of a flight has to be within a certain range, depending on its duration. This range is decided by the Civil Aviation Ministry, and flights cannot cost more or less than the decided range.

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Now, as per media reports, the Civil Aviation Ministry has declared that the upper and lower limits on airfare will now only be applicable for 15 days a month, as opposed to the earlier rules, under which the limits were applicable for 30 days.

This essentially means that airlines can decide the airfare post the 15-day mark, and therefore, travellers booking their tickets at least 15 days in advance can get significantly lower fares.

For example, if the current date is 22nd September, then the fare band shall be applicable till 6th October. Any bookings done on 22nd September for travel on or after 7th October shall not be controlled by fare bands.

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that not all flight routes are going to be cheaper post the 15-day mark, as their popularity and demand also influences their prices.

But we’ve done some research for you, and here are 10 super-popular domestic flight routes, which you can book 15 days in advance on ixigo at UNBELIEVABLE PRICES. Take a look:

1. Mumbai – Delhi

Current airfare: Rs.5129

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2846

2. Mumbai – Goa

Current airfare: Rs.4262

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2157

3. Kolkata – Guwahati

Current airfare: Rs.4624

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2548

4. Delhi – Patna

Current airfare: Rs.5114

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2514

5. Hyderabad – Bengaluru

Current airfare: Rs.4452

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2357

6. Mumbai  – Surat

Current airfare: Rs.8776

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.5727

7. Hyderabad – Tirupati

Current airfare: Rs.3612

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2347

8. Hyderabad – Delhi

Current airfare: Rs.6133

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2582

9. Lucknow – Mumbai

Current airfare: Rs.7038

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.4388

10. Chennai – Delhi 

Current airfare: Rs.5720

Airfare from 7th October onwards: Rs.2626

Also, please don’t forget to check your destination’s COVID-19 travel guidelines before planning your trip. Have a safe journey!