Dhungri Mela – An Insight into the Local Culture

Have you ever been to Manali? If yes, then you must have visited the age-old temple of Hadimba. This temple, dedicated to Hadimbi Devi, is surrounded by lush green Cedar forest commonly known as Dhungri Van Vihar.

It is believed that Goddess Hadimba, the spouse of Bhima, lived in the slopes of Dhungri. Every year, in the month of May, a mela is organised to celebrate the birthday of the deity. The mela provides an interesting insight into the local culture and traditions of the place.

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Date: 14th to 16th May
Venue: Hadimba Temple

Tidbits About the Mela —

1– This mela with a number of food vendors and amusement rides looks like a carnival of colours.

2– Villagers from nearby villages bring the idols of their gods and goddesses in specially designed wooden raths decorated with fancy silk and garlands.

3– The raths of all the gods are carried around, accompanied by trumpets and traditional music.

4– Long brass trumpets, known as karnals, are a famous traditional local instrument. They are mainly used on ceremonial occasions and are a major attraction.

5– The mela is a delight for music lovers. Musicians from various regions take part in the mela and play for the Kullu Nati folk dance.

So, call your friends now and convince them for a trip to Manali 🙂