Here’s Why There Is A Cross Sign At The End Of All Trains!

All train travellers must have observed the X sign at the back of all Indian Railways trains and wondered why it exists. 

The cross sign or ‘X’ is essential for passenger safety. Don’t believe us?

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 Read below to know why: 

  • The X indicates the last coach of the train. 
  • By viewing the X sign at the back of the train, the railway officials get a confirmation that the train has passed in its entirety without any missing coaches being left behind. 
  • The Letter “X” is used in the mornings. At night, there is an LED lamp mounted on the last coach that keeps blinking which gives confirmation that the train has passed when the visibility is low. 
  • If the last coach of the train doesn’t contain the X symbol, then it shows an emergency situation for the train or that the train is running with a few missing coaches. 
  • In the above situation, this helps the railway officials stay alert and act quickly in case of an accident. They are able to take a quick action to locate the separated/left out coaches and ensuring the safety of the passengers travelling within.
  • Additionally, there is also a small board with ‘LV’ (black on yellow) which is attached to the rear of the vehicle which signifies the Last Vehicle. 

We hope you found this information interesting. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. Travel safely 🙂