Holi in Big Towns vs Holi in Small Towns

Yes, everyone, it is that time of the year again when streets are glowing with different hues, when many of us (not me though) avoid going out of the house, when the playful kid inside us just wants to come out. Yes, it is the festival of colours, Holi.

But have you ever wondered how Holi is celebrated in big towns and in small towns? We have compiled a few pointers that most of you will agree to. Take a look!

In terms of clothes:h1In terms of playing Holi:h5 (1)In terms of parties:h2In terms of drinks:h3In terms of after effects:h4

We are sure this fun comparison made you giggle a bit! If not, then ‘Bura na Maano, Holi hai’ 😉 Till we meet again, happy travels!