Hostesses to soon Greet Passengers on Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express

Soon, passengers travelling by the Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express will be enjoying a grand welcome by hostesses, just like on flights. The initiative that started with the New Delhi-Agra Gatiman Express will now be expanded to Tejas. Rail hostesses aboard Tejas Express will be fluent in both English and Hindi. These hostesses will be hired on a contract basis and will undergo etiquette training to ensure a customer-friendly service.

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Railway officials said that the presence of hostesses will help provide an airline-like experience to travellers on Tejas, which is one of the fastest trains in India, running at 200 km per hour.

A senior Railway official stated that the “Deployment of hostesses who have undergone etiquette training will definitely enhance the travelling experience on this premium train.” On Gatiman Express, hostesses welcome the passengers with rose petals and serve food at regular intervals.

It is hoped that the presence of hostesses will help prevent some passengers from indulging in bad travel practices and unruly behaviour by keeping a check at all times. The already-installed CCTV cameras will help restrict any misbehaviour with these hostesses.