Indian Railways Provides 960 COVID Care Coaches to Five States

In a salute-worthy move, the Indian Railways has deployed as many as 960 isolation coaches across five states: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh, in order to boost the health facilities in the country.

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While 503 isolation coaches have been deployed in Delhi, 20 have been deployed in Andhra Pradesh, 60 in Telangana, 372 in Uttar Pradesh and 5 in Madhya Pradesh.

These isolation coaches, serving as COVID care centres, will offer care only for cases that have been clinically diagnosed as mild or very mild as per guidelines by the Health Ministry.

Railways has also deployed a separate set of employees for the coaches to ensure they are sanitised and prepared to take in patients.

All efforts are being made by the Railways to keep these non-AC coaches cool. These include using films of bubble wrap, water mist systems and portable coolers being set up inside the coaches to maintain ambient temperatures.

In the last three months, Indian Railways has worked on a war footing to modify train coaches into patient isolation wards to boost India’s healthcare infrastructure.

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