Goa: Monsoon Musings

It’s raining cats and dogs and you are itching to travel and are also strapped for cash?

Well, well, take heart and give a thought to good old Goa! No, we are not kidding…

During monsoons, you will discover another delightful side of this merry destination. Of course, the allusion is not to the same old sun, sand, and surf as the sea becomes an unpredictable furious beast and is best watched from a distance during this season. However, there are other myriad monsoon charms to look forward to, and yes, most of the hotels and airlines come up with some juicy off season discounts on fares. So, without further ado, let us give you a quick peek into Goa tourism’s monsoon charms.

After summers, the rains breathe fresh life into the sun scorched destination, and turns Goa into a dazzling carpet of greenery. This is the time when Goa’s wooded trails and waterfalls are at their natural best. Places like the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park become enchanting picnic spots, while the much talked about Dudhsagar Waterfalls makes for an indescribably exhilarating sight.

No less captivating is the Savoi Spice Plantation reached by way of a magnificent drive across verdant valleys and forests. Monsoons also spell as hours of leisurely sightseeing across indoor attractions such as churches, temples, art galleries, and museums. The good part is that you get to skip those maddening crowds of loud mouthed city tourists.

It is also a treat to watch the colourful monsoon festivities celebrated by the merry locals. Especially, well known is Sao-Jao or the fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist.

As part of the festivities, villagers jump into wells. Don’t gasp. It’s not mass suicide but a traditional ritual wherein they come out with gifts thrown in the wells. Similarly, the June end feast of Saint Peter and Paul also makes for grand festive times.

So…strap on your travel boots and get set for Goa. Bye, until next time.

About the Author:

Pinak Shome is a member of the enthusiastic iXiGO fraternity and an avid traveller.