Not-so-average types of vacation: Which one will you choose?

The term ‘vacation’ triggers different ideas for different people across the globe. For some, a vacation is synonymous with lying on a tropical beach or staying in a luxurious resort or exploring the unexplored. But how about something out-of-the-box for the upcoming holidays? Switch your typical vacation mode to something more fun and exciting. Following is a list of ‘not so average’ types of vacation; choose what fascinates you the most.

Go Solo!

Many of you might have already experienced the thrill of a solo trip while a majority of us are always apprehensive about the idea of travelling alone. Trust us, this type of vacation will stretch you in a way that is incomparable to a companion travel.


Board that last minute flight!

Yes, we are serious! Take a random trip to a place with the cheapest flight tickets. Block a few days off your calendar and explore a destination which was never a part of your plan. Exciting, isn’t it?


Detoxify! (Digitally)

Have you imagined a day without your mobile phone or TV or computer? We are sure, the answer is ‘NO’. Break this monotony and take a few days off to feed your creative mind. Choose an exotic island or an isolated place to seep the serenity and beauty of the place. (No Instagramming please!)


Trek your way to glory!

A trek to a distant place is the perfect way to clear your mind, build confidence and get a better perspective on life. Challenge yourself and put that self-realization mode on!


Consider Couchsurfing

A homestay or a couchsurfing experience is not only cozy but also allows you to understand the city and its culture perfectly. Spend time with the locals and relate to their day-to-day life with some yummy home-cooked meals.


The Stillness of a Staycation

Sometimes all you want to do is leave everything, drop your daily chores, get out of that busy life and go back to your hometown. Well, if you stay away from your town, plan a trip and a take a few days off to relax, unwind, relive memories and indulge in delight.

How many of these vacations have you already taken? Include these on your bucket list and get that traveller rolling!