Railways steps up in the times of COVID-19; Read the full story here!

In the wake of a rising number of COVID-19 cases in India, the Indian Railways is not only taking measures to maintain hygienic travel conditions but also providing facilities for the comfort of its passengers.

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Here are some of the major updates by Railways:

Railways ran about 4500 Shramik trains in order to move 75 lakh migrants to their destined places.

On Tuesday, the Central government said that 50,000 ‘Made-in-India’ ventilators will be supplied to the government-run COVID hospitals across India.

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3. Railways’ innovative step to provide COVID care in coaches is helping many patients across the country. 59 suspected patients in Varanasi were admitted to Mau Junction COVID care coaches.

4. In a unique initiative against COVID-19 infection by Sabarmati, Coaching Depot of Western Railway, any type of document/file, etc. are being sanitized by the ultraviolet sanitizing machine.

5. A thermal scanner machine has now been installed at Bhopal railway station which will not only measure the temperature of the passenger but will also play sirens if the passenger isn’t wearing a mask.

Indian Railways is taking several steps to prevent the COVID-19 virus infection from spreading and making the journey even safer and far more comfortable.