Revealed: Top 10 cleanest railway stations in India 2019

Railway Ministry has released the latest 2019 survey that ranks the cleanest railways in India. Rajasthan’s Jaipur Railway Station topped the list of cleanest railways stations in India.

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The survey said that Jaipur ranked first in the Station Cleanliness Survey 2019 with an overall score of 931.75. Jodhpur ranked second with a score of 927.19 while Durgapura achieved third place with a score of 922.50. Maharashtra’s Andheri station topped the list in the suburban group of stations. 

Here are the top 10 cleanest railway stations in India 2019:

1. Jaipur
2. Jodhpur
3. Durgapura
4. Jammu Tawi
5. Gandhinagar 
6. Suratgarh
7. Vijayawada
8. Udaipur City
9. Ajmer
10. Haridwar

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According to the “Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat” 2019 survey assessment, in terms of cleanliness over the last year, Indian Railways stations have seen substantial progress.