The Story of Lifeline Express- First Hospital Train of the World

A look into the world’s first hospital on a train, ‘Lifeline Express‘ which provides crucial medical services in rural India.

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a) Launched by the non-profit ‘Impact India Foundation’ in 1991, this 7 coach train has treated about 1.2 million people.

1b) Also known as ‘hospital on wheels,’ the train has specially-designed air-conditioned coaches, two surgical operation theatres with 3 plus 2 operating tables, 2 recovery rooms for patients, a sterilization area, a pantry car, storage for medical supplies, on-board power generators, and accommodation for medical staff.

According to the official website of Impact India Foundation, the train provides several medical services which include cataract surgery, counselling and referral services, plastic surgical correction of cleft lip and post-burn contractures, nutritional assessment and services, immunisations and other preventive measures, among others. It also has 2 additional coaches for cancer and family health.

3d) TheMagic Train of Indiatravels through different parts of the country, usually those areas having insufficient health care facilities, or areas hit by natural disasters. It stays at each place for about 21-25 days.