Wedding Wonderful! World’s Most Beautiful Destinations to Say ‘I Do’

Some people like beautiful weddings while others go the classic way. Some take the fairy tale route while the others exchange rings in hot air balloons. 

Below listed are the choicest and most charming destinations around the world where you can take your vows and ride into eternal bliss with your loved one.




BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS – La Maltese, Santorini, Greece

This one is more for the lovers of subtle pomp. However, oxymoronic the two words might read, that indeed is true. This almost ethereal place in Santorini, Greece, is also for the ones, ardently in love. Let the Aegean Sea stand witness to your vows of a lifetime. The luxurious property also offers special discounts and themes for weddings.


VINEYARD WEDDINGS – Chateau Varennes, Burgundy

This is for those who are more than just slightly tipsy in love. I’ve seen folks going gaga over movie scenes shot here. And as far as I think, nothing should stop them from having their own picture postcard moments here. Posing for the background, as you take your vows, will be acres and acres of vineyards, or ancient cathedrals, whatever you wish for.

Deals include cocktails, wedding planning, DJs, makeup, photography and almost all the intricacies that you could think of.


ROYAL WEDDINGS – Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

If you’re one of those, who always fancied a posh, oozing of grandeur wedding, there’s Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace. The wedding ceremony here costs around £3000. And that is clearly not much if you’re getting a chance to say your vows in this 17th-century palace. Apart from that, there’s the registrar’s fees and all that cake and champagne and merrymaking that you might have planned.


CLASSIC WEDDINGS – Florence, Italy

Rich yet old school. Yes, that does read typically Italian and it, indeed, is Italy that I’m talking about. Everything here is pristine and in those somber shades of white and other pastels, and, of course, some glittering golden for the special effects. St Regis Hotel at Florence, Italy, knows how to throw a lavish wedding party. You’ll have river Arno as the witness here. Chef Giuseppe Dalla Rosa makes sure that everyone’s taste buds sing happily. Essentially old school.