What happens to the luggage that never gets picked up from the airport?

Thousands of flights scurry around the sky above your head at any given point, carrying double the amount of passengers along.

FlightRadar24, a Swedish  flight tracking service just recorded the busiest day for air travel in the history of flying last month with 202,157 aircrafts. Imagine all that luggage flying above your head!

 © FlightRadar24 / Facebook

Which brings us to our question: What actually happens to the luggage that never gets picked up?

Did you know that by law all unclaimed luggage at airports have to be kept by the authorities with themselves for at least a period of 90 days, in case the owners come looking?

During this time, it is thoroughly searched and checked by authorities for security reasons.

If still unclaimed, it’s mostly put up for auction by the authorities. In some rare cases it can even be donated.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) often announces such auctions in all leading national newspapers of English / Hindi / vernacular language about the date of display of these unclaimed/uncleared goods.

Yep, next time you forget to claim your luggage from the airport, expect it at somebody else’s place in utter pieces.