What is CPML and CPTR in flight?

CPML, which stands for Complimentary Meal, is provided at no additional cost to passengers during a flight journey. This service is usually provided by full-service airlines and is dependent on various factors like class of travel, duration of the chosen sector and the policies followed by the airlines.

CPML in Different Classes:

Premium Class: If you are travelling in economy class, the complimentary meals consist of a main course, a side dish, a drink and a dessert. The meals cater to a wide range of travellers with different dietary requirements, and include options like vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. If you are taking a shorter flight, the proper meals will be replaced by a small snack like a sandwich or burger.

Business & First Class: If you are travelling in business or first class, you enjoy a much more extensive and luxury menu. These complimentary meals include multiple courses, with appetizers, main course, premium desserts and premium beverages. Here the quality of food is higher with gourmet options.

Special Meals: These meals comprise of special dietary needs like kosher, halal, diabetic, etc. You can request for such meals in advance while booking your ticket.

CPTR System:

CPTR (Cabin Preference and Travel Request) is a feature that helps airlines manage and accommodate requests and particular preferences of passengers particularly for the seating arrangements and other needs during travel. This feature comes handy in cases where a person is a frequent flyer or a corporate traveller and has specific requirements. 

Cabin Preference: In this case, CPTR allows travellers to choose their preferred cabin class- economy, premium economy, business or first class. Within this requirement, they can also choose from specifications like aisle or window, extra legroom, accessibility to the restroom, etc. Few airlines also have the option to choose a quiet zone or extra privacy.

Travel Request: In this, passenger requests can go beyond the seating requirement. It comprises meal preferences like non-veg, hindu veg, vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc.). It also covers special assistance needs like wheelchair service, assistance for visually or hearing impaired passengers. Passengers can also ask for personalized services. With specific amenities like power outlets, access to the Wi-Fi or specific boarding requirements.

CPTR helps the airlines to enhance the customer experience by providing and catering to tailored needs. This leads to a smoother and enjoyable flight journey especially for frequent travellers.