10 Amazing Road Trip Ideas for a Long Weekend

Following are some road trip ideas that you can use for your next journey. If you do not wish to take your car or you are looking for a more comfortable car for this long journey, you can always opt for outstation options available on the Ola mobile app, which will make your journey more enjoyable at reasonable rates. With spacious cars, a long journey is guaranteed to be cozy and convenient. Added bonus is that you can stop anywhere you wish to, take as many breaks as you like or take a reroute to explore more.

Chennai to Puducherry (via East Coast Road)

A stretch of about 200 km, this route passes through places like Mahabalipuram, Mudaliarkuppam, and Marakkanam. What makes the journey breathtakingly beautiful is the sea-side drive throughout its course. Experience an ideal mix of adventure, photography sessions and blissful views with Ola Outstation.


Bangalore to Bandipur Forest – 235 km

Cross the forest stretch of Bandipur and witness wildlife right beside you all through the way. Sightings of deer, elephants, and monkeys are common. The total distance is covered in 5 hours ensconced in greenery on all sides.

Mangalore to Goa – 355 km

When you’re traveling from Mangalore to Goa via Maravanthe by road, you are bound to cross a picturesque stretch of National Highway 17 that offers a clear water view on one side and tall palm trees on the other. This Ola Outstation drive would be marked as an unforgettable experience in your travel journal.


Kolkata to Digha – 180 km

Digha is a favourite weekend getaway for many. Reasons of that are manifold, a quaint resort town, the ever-roaring sea, and extraordinary beaches. The distance from Kolkata to Digha is not that long and a delightful drive dotted with exquisite eateries and picturesque places.


Dehradun to Nainital – 274 km

A wonderful weather accompanies your journey between the two cities, which is all about high-rise hills and nature’s bounty. Ola Outstation helps you cover the distance quite comfortably.


Delhi to Mandawa – 230 km

Enjoy a pleasant road trip along beautiful landscapes and heritage Havelis of Rajasthan. Make pit stops at Baggar and Chirawa to make the trip more interesting. The entire distance is completed in 5 hours 30 minutes.

Ahmedabad to Diu – 353 km

A momentous journey from Ahmedabad to Diu can be completed in 7 hours approx with Ola Outstation. The first half of the drive takes you through the famed Gir Forest. The latter half enchants you with views of the Arabian Sea on one side throughout.


Bangalore to Ooty – 277 km

Looking for some twists and turns in the mountains? Then take a trip to Ooty by road via Valparai and get ready for a good adrenaline rush with your vehicle swishing left to right giving you one hell of a ride.


Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley – 260 km

Book an Ola Outstation to comfortably cover the distance with as many detours and pit stops you want. Adventure-inducing roads with majestic mountains and vibrant valleys will make the journey a memorable one.

Chandigarh to Palampur – 262 km

Experience the mesmeric beauty of Himachal Pradesh on this alluring road trip. The journey is pretty short and sweet and will ensure that you have plenty to do along the way.


This wonderful list of 10 road trip ideas should be able to make your long weekend more awesome and highly enjoyable. Happy Travels!