10 Beer Festivals From Around The Globe


They say that the best conversations happen over a cup of coffee, really? Damn wrong! The best conversations happen over a big-ass mug of beer- with friends and you don’t really have to bother about where exactly you are.

We love beer, we all do in a sense that the idea of a party cometh and there cometh beer. If you are in your right mind, you are going to love this; Its time for beer festivals and the world is on a roll.

Beer is a proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Go comrade go! Drink them all.

1. Tapped – Craft Beer Festival – Mumbai1

2nd November 2015

Get drenched in over 10 beers on tap from local microbreweries. The festival is striving to bring Mumbai atop the beer map of the world. And wait, there’s food too- Napoli style pizzas, live burgers, smoked meats, poutine to sushi and tacos. I am EXCITED!!

2. Oktoberfest in Germany2 okto

19th September – 4th October 2015

This is the craziest place in the entire world to drink beer. People around the globe look forward to this madness where more than 6 million people gather. 2 centuries old, Oktoberfest brings authentic German food and never ending hysteria.

3. Great British Beer Festival – London3

11th-15th August 2015

Tie your laces, wear a hoody, pack your bags and let’s go. You’re only a week away from the fest and now is the time when you can consume more than 900 real ales, ciders, perries and international beers. Beer lovers, daren’t miss this one.

4. The Great World Beer Fest – New York4

Late October 2015

For those who love tasting a variety of beers and can dive into it, you should definitely bookmark this festival in your checklist. The fest love craft beer and so be assured that you’ll have plenty of it.

5. The Great Canadian Beer Festival5

11-12 September 2015

This isn’t a festival, this is a beer carnival. One hops from one tap to another with their mouths filled. Great beer and even better food makes this place the best of all. Taco, burger, rooster and what not? Gorge and drink- your mantra!

6. Qingdao International Beer Festival- China6

August 2015

Running for the entire month of August, every summer Asia sees its biggest beer shower. So it’s music, beer and food with the world flocking on the sandy beaches. Now, think of it, is it any less than heaven itself? Come one, come all!

7. The Great American Beer Festival – Denver, Colorado7

24-26th September 2015

Close to 100 judges from USA judge more than 3000 beers- Say whaaat? How can I apply for that job? So anyway, the thing is, that more than 450 breweries participate and for what it’s worth, it holds a Guinness Book of World Records for most varieties of craft beer. You gotta see this.

8. Bitter and Twisted- Maitland, Australia8

7-8 November 2015

50+ boutique beer, live music, beer matching lunches, food and more. What else do you want? The fest will beg you to reveal your twisted side and get sloshed. You just have to dance around and enjoy the fleeting hippie life. Welcome aboard!

9. Brussels Beer Weekend- Brussels, Belgium9

5-6 September 2015

Every year the first weekend of September whirls the magic wand over Brussels and there you see the beginning of insanity. Addendum to the enchantment is the beer shop which puts a lot on sale; mugs, t-shirt, books etc. So there’s drinking, there’s eating and there’s shopping. Your wishlist ends here.

10. Craft Beer Festival, Ottawa10

28th-30th August 2015

The best food in Ottawa-you’ll find it here, music throughout the weekend-you’ll find it here, local ciders, wine, European imported beer the list goes on- you’ll find it here. This is one great hallelujah ride. Quick. Quick.

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a great beer knows that the pleasure doesn’t come out of the mug but the company you are sitting with. Therefore, call your friends and pack your bags. Time to go fellas!

About the author:  

Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!