10 Incredible Ways To Explore Tamasha Famed Corsica

Up till now, a place like Corsica was an imaginary land of luxury and idleness far away from everyone’s reach.Corsica is another destination which everyone is eyeing right now. However, the pleasure of embarking upon something so mesmerizing, so surreal is a blessing for globetrotters.

13 hours & INR 70,000 away from India, Corsica is directly connected with Delhi’s international airport. A place that is bound to give solace to the restless traveller’s heart with much to do and see, Corsica is a well deserving spot for your travel list.

  1. Woven through years and written on stones, Corsica is the “heart of heritage”.1
  2. The place is a treasure trove for adventurers with more than 1,000 Mountain activities.
  3. The crystal clear waters and the pristine beaches are sure to woo you.
  4. Corsica has one of the most beautiful “character accommodations” across the vicinity.
  5. You can watch the endless water and ceaseless hidden delights of marine reserves.
  6. Once there, do try Corsica’s favorite way of exploring beaches – paddle boarding!
  7. Also, don’t miss out on the scrumptious delights and the drool-worthy cuisines that Corsica has to offer.
  8. Multitudes of flavours, scents and colours- Corsica’s wine is worth getting inebriated for.
  9. And the creativity splurged everywhere will leave you in awe. From potters, ceramicists, stringed instruments makers to cutlery specialists and jewellery makers. – the country has it all!
  10. Corsicans love music. With several musical gatherings, events, gigs and guitar nights, you can become one with their culture.

Porto Vecchio, Ajaccio, Calvi, Bastia, Ile Rousse & Bonifacio are some famed places to look out for on your visit. If the blueness of immaculate water attracts you, Lavezzi Islands is something that we’d personally recommend.

Sunny seaside setting and snow capped mountains, Corsica is an awe-inspiring place. No wonder, Imitiaz Ali picked this gorgeous country for his next movie. We can’t wait to explore this country!

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