100-ft tall National Flags to be installed at 75 Railway Stations

On the lines of national anthem being played at movie halls, the government has decided to install 75 busiest railway stations with our national flag.

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As per a circular issued by the railway board, 75 stations with the annual earnings of Rs. 50 crore or above have to install the national flag. The height of the flag should be precisely 100 feet.

Deadline: The deadline given to the railway stations to complete the task is December 31, 2018.

The Railway Board circular has also directed that flags should have focus lights, and will be safeguarded by the Railway Protection Force. The cost to install a flag will be around Rs 9 lakh including the lights and other decorative pieces.

As per a  senior railway official, the flag installations were a part of the government drive to project “symbols of nationalism”.

He also added, “Whether it is portraits of freedom fighters or the national flag, the aim is to showcase the symbols of our country at public places.”