15 Volunteer Teaching Gigs Abroad

It takes curiosity, inquisitiveness and an un-quenching lust for travel for people to visit an unfamiliar part of the world all by themselves. It also takes determination, willingness and a desire to give back to the community that makes people volunteer for work that’ll make a difference in the world. For those who love to teach and travel, volunteer teaching provides the perfect mix of opportunities. This International Literacy Day, we bring you 15 exciting destinations around the world that’ll quench your thirst for wanderlust as well as satisfy your creative soul.


The tiny island in the Caribbean is most famous for its beaches and gorgeous resorts. With no dearth of volunteer work available, you can start off as an English, French or IT teacher at a university or opt to teach elementary school kids.



One cannot mention Peru and not talk about the magnificent Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Stunning landscapes, arid deserts and the raw, rugged beauty make the destination a top pick for tourists from around the world. Volunteer for English as well as physical education teaching to make a difference to the lives of young Peruvians.



From tango to football, Argentina is a classic cocktail of all things beautiful the world has to offer. You can volunteer to teach French as well as English in high school or a language center to improve the conversational skills of kids in the country.



The ancient medinas of Morocco will transport you to a childlike world of Arabian Nights while the un-ending coastline will bring you right back to the modern world of breathtaking views and glorious sun-tans. Travel to this African country and volunteer for teaching English as well as computers to the students.


South Africa

The rich wildlife diversity of the country alone makes it a must-visit on every travellers’ list. Add to it the gorgeous terrain, the iconic party spots and the exotic cuisine and you have the most wondrous destination of the world. Volunteer as a teaching assistant for English and basic IT skills.



The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar exudes beauty, charm and diversity that is still raw and majorly untouched. The vast unexplored lands and the unspoilt beauty add to its magnetism. Volunteer for an English teaching job where you can support children by improving their literacy levels.



Talk about Italy and you’d hear people sigh and swoon over the one thing that brings the world together – pizza! From soul-stirring food to exquisite art galleries and murals, Italy is the quintessential definition of the European old-world charm. Volunteer and improve the English speaking skills of the kids. While at it, you can help them out with their life interests and ambitions.



An off-the-grid destination of sorts, Romania beckons you with its colonial churches and pristine landscapes. Hike, fish, bird watch or go for a leisurely boat ride, Romania will not disappoint you. Volunteer for English teaching while helping out in other activities such as sports and arts. Those fluent in French can also volunteer for the same in high schools.



A country where history, culture and traditions come together in one big melting pot, and where everything seems to fit together while maintaining their individual identities, India never ceases to amaze you. Apart from volunteering for English language teaching, you can teach IT skills to students including the use of Word, Excel and internet.



From the largest caves in the world to the seascape of limestone islands and a delicate and exotic cuisine, Vietnam defines beauty like no other country in the world. Volunteer and teach conversational English as well as French to Vietnamese kids and get them ready for jobs across the world.



The temples of Angkor Wat bring a sense of peace and calm to even the most troubled souls. Breathe in the fresh scent of rural life and gorgeous countryside while you explore the vast expanse of land. Volunteer for teaching English in this country where poverty and unemployment deprive kids of the opportunity to learn.



Modern, rural and everything in between, Thailand quintessentially pleases both the old and new. The crazy nightlife, the fascinating mornings and the stunning locations make it easy to fall in love with this land. Volunteer and teach English to locals who have very little access to formal education.



A picturesque paradise that lures you with its pristine beaches, lavish resorts and hearty culture – Bali is a dream come true for every traveller. From visiting an active volcano to scuba diving in deep azure waters, Bali will thrill you with its experiences. Volunteer for teaching English and also help out the young ones in kindergarten.



If you’ve ever looked at the perfect holiday beach poster, chances are that the poster was clicked at Fiji. The picture-perfect beaches and the idyllic pace of the vacationers rightly make Fiji a heaven for all things beautiful. Volunteer for teaching English and kindergarten studies while also focusing on sports education for the kids.



Think treacherous cliffs, glossy blue seas and sun-kissed plains? Think Spain. While the landscape itself is enough to charm you, the food and wine of the country will never make you want to leave this paradise on Earth. Volunteer for teaching English, mathematics and computer skills to help the kids achieve their dreams.


While teaching in a new country is not without its challenges, finding the right fit and making an impact on children makes everything worthwhile. More often than not, a lot of volunteer teaching jobs come with costs attached in terms of accommodation, meals, transportation, insurance, visa fees, and personal expenses. Few organisations make this job easier for you by providing all the help and data to make this a comfortable experience.

In case you are looking to apply for a volunteer teaching gig, you can check out reachtoteachrecruiting.com, projects-abroad.org, goverseas.com, and volunteerhq.org among others.

It’s said that there is nothing more exciting than travel and nothing more rewarding than teaching. If you can combine the two, then what’s not to love?