29 Souvenirs from 29 Indian States

Travel gives us cherishable memories for a lifetime. A beautiful way to manifest these memories is by collecting iconic souvenirs from different places.

From the famous Pashmina shawls from the Kashmir valley to the colourful Kullu topis, every state in India has its speciality and offers something unique to its visitors.

Check out this list of souvenirs you can get from different states of India —

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is most famous for the Banjara Needle Crafts, which Banjaras of the region have expertise in. It is a form of handicraft that includes embroidery and mirror work.

Arunachal Pradesh

This state has a wide production of handcrafted wood, baskets, hats, wooden ornaments and carved bamboo mugs.


Don’t forget to bring the famous Assam tea when you visit this state. If you are not a tea person, you can also shop for hand-woven Assam muga silk sarees.



Madhubani paintings, also known as Mithila Paintings, are a must-buy from Bihar. This art form is done in five different styles, namely Katchni, Bharni, Godna, Tantrik and Kohbar.


Don’t forget to buy the beautiful terracotta pottery and sculptures on your visit to Chhattisgarh.


From coconut art to artistic beer mugs, from unique ashtrays to storage pouches, Goan street markets are filled with beautiful souvenirs to take back home.


Gujarat is most famous for its bandhani products, which are known for their bright and colourful patterns. Intricate needlework along with glass pellets are the highlights of these artefacts.

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Wooden frames, small-scale furniture and wooden statues are the most popular mementos to buy from this North Indian state.

Himachal Pradesh

Kullu topi, a traditional head-gear worn by the natives, is the most popular choice for a memento. Other popular options include scarves,  mufflers and their traditional attire.

Jammu & Kashmir

Among the most authentic Kashmiri objects that can be taken home as souvenirs,  Pashmina shawls and carpets top the list.



Jharkhand is widely known for its brass metal works. Metal Gods and Goddesses, show-pieces and home utilities can be found at every corner.


Sandalwood artefacts and Mysore silk sarees are the two most loved products which can be picked from this state.


Famous for its rich tradition and culture, Kerala is also known for its coir products. Coir based mats, rugs, bags, door hangings and showpieces can give a unique touch to your home decor.

Madhya Pradesh

Beautiful carpets made of thick cotton sheets are among the most loved Madhya Pradesh handicrafts. They are pretty lightweight and do not take too much space.


The famed Kolhapuri chappals are the best souvenirs to collect from Maharashtra. You can team up these chappals with any ethnic attire to add class to your look.



The Mekhela-Chadar, traditional attire of the Manipuri women, can serve as the perfect reminder of your memorable time spent at Manipur.


Endi silk shawl, made using natural silk, is something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world other than Meghalaya. Don’t forget to pick this one up!


The traditional ornaments made of Bamboo can be the best pick from Mizoram. Beautiful showpieces, baskets and decorated lamp-shades can also be bought from this state.


Organic souvenirs made of water lilies, grass, abaca and other locally sourced materials are among the most famous products of Nagaland.


Pattachitra paintings, an authentic form of art in Odisha, is a must-buy. The most distinguishing part of these paintings is, that it is made using natural colours.


Suits, shawls, kurtis and sarees with phulkari designs can be the best gifts from the land of five rivers.


Stunning jewellery, embroidered umbrellas, ornament boxes, curtains and cushion covers are some of the many souvenirs you can buy from Rajasthan.


With a large population of Buddhist followers, Sikkim brings you a wide range of Tibetan artefacts. The unique foldable hand-fan and colourful Buddhist Thangkas can add a new dimension to the decoration of your living room.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is best known as the abode of stone carvings. Cities of Madurai, Kumbakonam and Tanjore are the hub for exquisite stone products.



Love pearls? Telangana is the best place to pick a few. You can find a wide variety of pearl necklaces, bangles and bracelets here.


Bamboo and wooden products are a major attraction here. The products are beautiful and are also easy on the pocket.

Uttar Pradesh

<Agra in UP is most famous for its exclusive marble carvings and leather products. A miniature replica of the iconic Taj Mahal is certainly the best gift you can buy from here.


Raambaans crafts, found in Uttarakhand, is exclusive to this place. It is created using natural fibres, which is similar to jute. Bags, floor mats and wall hangings designed using this fabric have a distinctive look and are also durable.

West Bengal

Bishnupur terracotta sculptures, wooden items, wall paintings, cane products and the delicious Bengali sweet dishes are the most loved souvenirs of West Bengal. Also, the state is famous for its amazing musical instruments.


So, how many of these have you collected? Do let us know!