4 Important Train News Stories You Missed This Week

A lowdown on this week’s most intriguing train news:

Tejas Express: Stolen Headphones, Damaged Screens and More

The first run of India’s newest luxury train Tejas Express, from Mumbai to Goa, was not as smooth as expected. A total of 337 headphones were stolen and many infotainment screens were found damaged. This leads us to ask the question: why is there a tendency to harm public property when we protect our own property with the highest level of security?

Maoists Attack Disrupts Rail Services in Jharkhand!

Several train routes were disrupted in Jharkhand after suspected Maoists blew up railway tracks between Chichaki and Karmabad stations, which fall under Dhanbad Railway Division. The incident happened during the wee hours of Monday (12.40 am) on Howrah-New Delhi Grand Chord section, affecting train services in this area. The blast site is about 100 km from Gaya District in Bihar.








Video Cameras To Be Installed In Train Engines

To curb increasing train accidents, the Indian Railways has decided to install a new system in the locomotives. The system will be used to monitor loco pilots during train operations. A Loco Cab Video and Voice Recording System (LCVR) including video cameras, microphones, and digital video recorder will be installed. The system will also be beneficial for post-analysis of train accidents.


Railways gained INR 3,439 cr in last three years by train ticket cancellation

Did you know that the Indian Railways have earned more than INR 8,000 cr in the last three years apart from passenger bookings and freight fares? As per a report, INR 2,500 cr is earned by railways every year through reservation cancellation, partly confirmed tickets and window waiting tickets. According to statistics, in the last three years, 8 crore 89 lakh 24 thousand and 414 passengers were unable to get their tickets cancelled.