Delhi Airport Offers Flight Simulator

Who would have thought in their wildest dreams that one day we would be able to fly an aeroplane, that too at the busiest Indian airport, without a license?

No kidding fellas! Indira Gandhi International Airport is now allowing all its passengers to undergo the thrill and intensity of flying a plane. The cockpit has been installed in February 2015 and ever since, more than 2,000 passengers have taken wheels off the ground.

In a historic event that will change everyone’s view about flying planes, India has taken this step to introduce something which is new to the world. Here’s what you should know about it:


  1. An indistinguishable flight simulator of Boeing 737’s cockpit has been installed at Terminal 3.
  2. It’s one of its kinds in the entire world, allowing flyers with a unique experience of flying an airplane.
  3. One can fly up to 80 tonne Boeing between any two major airport destinations in the world.
  4. Apart from the origin and the destination, flyers (passengers) can also choose the kind of weather they want to fly in.
  5. The stimulator will act as one’s first officer on board, guiding them throughout the journey, making the entire experience as real as possible by generating constant chatter from the ATCs and the sound of engines.
  6. It offers the choice of 24,000 airports from across the globe and real time situations for the flyer.
  7. The charges depend upon the duration of the flight.

shutterstock_252746464As some have experienced, it is capable of becoming the most enthralling encounters of one’s life. That said, buckle up and add one more adventure to your bucket list. As good as it gets, to ensure that this service facilitates real-time excitement, real life situations have been added to the event like landing in rain, fog or poor visibility.

Don’t you miss this for the world!

Jet. Set. Go!

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