How to Change Name in Flight Ticket

Changing the name on a flight ticket entirely depends on the airline and its policies. Here are a few general rules that apply on how to change the name on a flight ticket:

1. Contact the Airline

You can contact the airline through their customer care number available on their website or app and connect with their reservation department. Here you can raise your concern regarding the name on the flight ticket with your booking ID or number.

2. Review the Ticket Policy

Before you make a request for name change, go through the ticket policies regarding the same. Few airlines might allow minor changes like spell errors without charging any amount, while others may ask for additional documents or add on charges to change the name. Also, these changes might not be applicable on discounted tickets or promotional fares.

3. Provide Documentation

If you are changing the name on the ticket due to reasons like legal issues, marriage, divorce, or any other reason, the airline will ask for all necessary and supporting documents. These documents must be up-to-date and valid to comply with the requirements.

4. Fees

If the airline does agree on changing the name, they would charge the applicable fee and the amount can vary depending on the airline and the ticket type. A customer service representative will guide you through the process.

Keep in mind that some airlines may have deadlines or specific procedures for name change requests.