5 Best Travel Movies for Kids That Parents Will Also Love

Hola, how about escaping with your little one to some exciting destinations from the comfort of your couch? Confused? Well, don’t be! Here are top 5 travel movies that you can binge watch with your young ones.

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So what are you waiting for? Go get some snacks to munch on and settle in for a family movie night:

The Sound Of Music

The Sound Of Music is a must-watch movie for every child. Created in 1965, it is about the Von Trapp family and their nanny, Sister Maria.

Finding Nemo

After a timid clownfish’s son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef, he sets out on a journey to bring him back home from Sydney. Though the journey of this movie takes place underwater, it is amusing to watch the funny obstacles and dangers they face along the way.


The next on this list is a movie that is full of fun and entertainment. It doesn’t matter which Madagascar film you choose, the animals in the movie are always trying to get somewhere!


This is an excellent travel adventure movie, Up. It is about Carl Fredricksen, who decides to live out his deceased wife’s dreams of travelling to Paradise Falls. He begins his journey along with a boy named Russell (his unexpected travel companion) with the help of 500 balloons.


It’s time to turn up the samba as the movie Rio will take you off to Brazil! The story is about Blu, a domesticated macaw who belongs to a small-town in Minnesota. He takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro after he meets a fiercely independent Jewel (the bird of his dreams).

It doesn’t matter which of these movies you choose, you and your lil one are sure to embark on a fun, adventurous ride. Till we meet again, happy travels!