5 Road Trip Games That Will Rock Your Next Vacation

Before the days of smartphones, podcasts, and tablets, a road trip was synonymous with fun and entertaining games that were technology-free. Phew! What nostalgia!  Playing games with family and friends, gave us a chance create some memorable memories and share a few laughs. So why be glued to that screen, when you can play some exciting fun road trip games and be a true Roadster? Get your gang, sort your travel outfits and play these games to have some insane road trip fun. Read on!

21 Questions

What is the game all about:

One passenger thinks of a place, person, or an object. The remaining passengers then have only 21 questions to guess what they might be thinking about. The questions cannot be repeated and whoever guesses correctly gets to start the next round. Super fun, right?

Name That Tune

What is the game all about:

This game is for all the music-loving Roadsters out there! One of the passengers starts singing a song and the next person has to connect the last word from that lyric with another melody. The game continues until somebody messes up the lyrics. Interesting!

Don’t Say It!

What is the game all about:

This is an exciting game which tests the memory of the passengers during a long journey. Pick any common 5 words that the players cannot say during the trip like arrive, station, look, car, window. Whenever a player goofs up and mentions any of the five words, they are penalized in some way. Either the player has to donate money for the “road trip snacks fund” or have to perform an annoying task as decided by all the other players. “Evil laugh.”

Cows on My Side

What is the game all about:

If you are travelling in India, there is an excellent chance of spotting cows throughout your journey. So once you see a cow on your side, you have to shout, “Cows on my side” to get the point. If you see a cow on the other side of the road, you have to yell, “Cows on your side.” before the person sees them to steal a point. Also, if any player sees a herd of cows, they scream, “Ghost cow,” stealing all the other side’s points, like a true Roadster. Great game for an easy laugh!

Never Have I Ever

What is the game all about:

This is one of the most classic games that everyone knows and loves. But because we don’t want you to get arrested, swap the alcohol with water, juice, or soda. A passenger in the car makes a simple statement starting with “never have I ever…” and anyone who has done that in their life must take a sip from their drink. First one to use the restroom loses. Best game ever!

So what are you waiting for, Roadsters?Get your stylish yet comfortable road trip essentials here, ditch those electronic devices and start playing. Till we meet again, happy travels!