6 Vibrant Photos of Kumbh Mela that Show How Colourful India Is

With cultures as colourful and vibrant as its landscapes, India ceases to amaze every visitor. The rich mystical feel of the country invites thousands of spiritual seekers and yogis from across the globe.

One of the times when the country witnesses a huge influx of tourists is during the grand Kumbh Mela. Starting from 15th January this year, this mela is the best place to get an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Check out these pictures to get a glimpse of the vibrancy of this event —


A colourful procession on the streets


Thousands of Sadhus have gathered together at Pragyaraj to attend the Kumbh Mela


Night view of the Kumbh Celebrations.


People praying at the banks of the holy river.


Devotees indulging in Shahi Snan at Sangam


Graffiti drawing on walls has added a colourful element to the entire event.

Pic Courtesy: Kumbh Offical Page