Breaking News: Indian Government Identifies 10 Coronavirus Hotspots

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in India. March 30th saw a massive surge as 237 new confirmed cases were reported across the country.

Currently, the number of positive cases in India has crossed over 1250. A total of 101 patients have recovered from the virus while 32 have died.

The Indian government has identified 10 hotspots of coronavirus cases in India where an unusual transmission of the disease has taken place.

Unfortunately, Delhi’s Nizamuddin area has emerged as one of the biggest coronavirus hotspots in the country. Here, 24 people have tested positive, and about 200 are showing symptoms of the disease.

Hotspots identified by the government include Nizamuddin and Dilshad Garden in Delhi, Noida, Meerut, Bhilwara, Ahmedabad, Kasaragod, Pathanamthitta, Mumbai and Pune.

This is an immensely critical time for India, and we request our readers to take all the necessary precautions and stay indoors.