International Getaways For This Holiday Season

Are you tired of the same old life? Wondering what to do? Why not take some days off and plan an international getaway for the long weekend? The upcoming festive holidays will let you plan something grand! The following list of destinations will definitely help you strategise a great vacation. Read on!


Singapore (6-7 days)

One of the most visited cities, Singapore is a place known for its vibrant and exciting activities. Try exploring the wildlife of this beautiful island or lay yourself in the lap of luxury by getting some fantabulous spa sessions. Places like Universal Studios, iFly Singapore will give you fun ways to part with your cash and won’t disappoint you at all. Now with amazing international roaming offers by Airtel, you can roam abroad freely. With packs starting from INR 499, enjoy Singapore with unlimited incoming calls and free data.


Bhutan (3-4 days)

One of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan is a place you should visit this holiday season. Be it for the natural beauty or the joyful festivals, the “Land of Thunder Dragon” is one spectacular place. So, if you want your fast paced life to slow down and get contented with the beauty of Himalayas, then my friend, Bhutan is the place for you!


Sri Lanka (6-7 days)

Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. The golden beaches, misty mountains and mesmerizing temples makes this island a must visit place. The best part about Sri Lanka is that it offers thrilling adventurous sports like windsurfing, scuba-diving and so on. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds with some sumptuous Sri Lankan delicacies.


Maldives (3-4 days)

To experience an amazing island paradise, you should take a trip to Maldives. There are several reasons to visit Maldives as it gives you solitude that no other place can give. With stretches of white sand and crystalline blue waters, you will feel like a part of a beautiful photograph. Go on, explore, more than 1000 different types of marine life await you!


Thailand (6-7 days)

The postcard perfect tropical island, Thailand is a place worth exploring this vacation. Step in the “Land of Smiles” and you will know why this island is a favorite among vacationers. From lush jungles to pleasant weather to yummylicious food, Thailand will surely give you memories to last a lifetime.


Dubai (3-4 days)

Dubai is calling you! I don’t think I need to give you any reason to visit a place like Dubai. With man-made islands, extravagant hotels and a fantasy destination for shopaholics, Dubai is like a dream.


Europe (6-7 days)

Yes, I know you can book a cheaper holiday destination but wait, nothing compares to the variety and interesting wealth of Europe. Home to some of the greatest cities like Paris, London and Berlin, there are no better reasons to take a trip to Europe the upcoming long weekend. This continent will let you bed down in its fairytale castles!


Nepal (5-6 days)

Home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Nepal is a place you should visit this holiday season. Nepal is also home to more than 856 bird species and is a paradise for bird watchers. It is a dream destination for adventure seekers with activities like wildlife safaris, bungee jumping, hot air balloons and what not.


New Zealand (6-7 days)

The “Land of the Kiwis” is one of the most majestic places on this earth and is a paradise in the true sense. The country has  extraordinary natural beauty like the rugged coastlines, pristine environment or the endless green valleys which make it a must visit place.


Greenland (5-6 days)

How about visiting a place where it’s 24 hours of daylight? Yes, North Greenland is one of those places where the Sun never sets. The midnight Sun setting behind the wall of icebergs is something you shouldn’t miss at all. If you are a morning person, Greenland should definitely be on your bucket list.


So what are you waiting for? Make an international getaway for the upcoming long weekend and choose from the above dream destinations to make this holiday season memorable. Good luck choosing. Happy travels!